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Victoria-Dol_profile1. Why did you choose your degree programme, and what made you enrol at the University of Otago, Wellington (UOW) to study?
I chose to do medicine because it has been a dream of mine since age 9. I have always wanted to be a doctor and think it is the most amazing job. You get to play an incredibly privileged role in a persons life - you are seeing people when they are sick, scared, anxious and when they are feeling most vulnerable and you get to help make them better and help restore a sense of dignity and humanity and comfort to them. It is simply awesome. Also, there are so many areas that you can specialise in and having a medical degree just opens up doors and possibilities; gives you influence to be a force of good in your city and community and beyond!

I chose UOW after my 5th year (so,did my TI year here) because this is my home and where I wanted to work as a house surgeon. It has all worked out perfectly.

2. What did you enjoy most about your degree programme (e.g. your favourite courses, use of any facilities or resources fieldwork, labs, work placements, electives etc.)?
I really loved my theory years to be honest (2nd n 3rd year) it was awesome to finally learn all the things I've always wanted to learn. Theory years were rich in opportunities to gain exciting knowledge and to start learning clinical skills. Practical years were great too - these years help to bring purpose and shape to all the theory. And the best part about theory years is you get to be with patients! And literally learn how to be a doctor!

3. What are you doing post-graduation?
Working as a house surgeon at Hutt hospital and loving it!

4. What was it like living and studying through UOW? How do you think it benefited your studies?
Wellington is home so it was great studying in a city I already knew and loved. Everything is easy to get to in welly. Because I knew I wanted to stay in Wellington for house surgeon years it has been great already being familiar with the city and hospitals.

5. Did you use any of UOW's support or welfare services (e.g. Library, Student Learning Advisor, Assoc. Dean Pacific's office)? How did they help?
Yes! Nandika our wonderful pacific support person here in wellington was a continual voice of encouragement and source of support for anything any of us were going through.

“Our pacific students deserve the best of everything – I'd give them the world, if I could.” is something she has told me on numerous occassions.

It was lovely having such a warm and supportive advocate at med school.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add about your experiences at UOW?
Come to Wellington! ;)

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