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The Centre for Research on Colonial Culture supports an intellectual programme encompassing conferences, symposia, workshops, public lectures, visiting scholars as well as research publications. We have a vibrant and rich research culture built upon collaborative approaches.

Previous events


Film in the Colony Symposium, 13-14 July, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Wellington. Convened by Annabel Cooper.

Trapping the Land, Mapping the Land Workshop, 29 June, Hocken Collections. Convened by Jane McCabe.

Archival Files and Knowledge Production Workshop, 30-31 May, Department of History and Art History. Convened by Barbara Brookes.

Caring Histories Workshop, 20-21 February, Hocken Collections. Convened by Barbara Brookes, Jane McCabe and Angela Wanhalla.

Valued Coconuts: Hear Our Voices Symposium, 16-17 January, Hocken Collections. Convened by Judy Bennett.


Book and Place, 28 October, Otago Museum, a Centre for the Book symposium supported by the Humanities Division, Centre for Research on Colonial Culture and Department of English and Linguistics

Making Women Visible: A Conference in Honour of Barbara Brookes, 15-17 February, University of Otago College of Education. Convenors: Angela Wanhalla, Jane McCabe, Jane Adams, Katie Cooper and Sarah Christie


New Zealand Histories of the Sea Workshop, Hocken Collections, 30 November. Convenor: Frances Steel (University of Wollongong)

Indigenous Photographic Histories Symposium, National Library of New Zealand, 5 November. Co-convenors: Angela Wanhalla, Paul Diamond (Alexander Turnbull Library), Jane Lydon (University of Western Australia).

Unpicking the Tapestry: Children and Young People in British Colonial Contexts Symposium, Hocken Collections, 24-25 August. Convenor: Hugh Morrison.

Colonial Families: New Perspectives Symposium, University of Otago Central Library, 20 August. Convenor: Angela Wanhalla

New Zealand Sexual Histories: New Perspectives Workshop, St Margaret's College, 1-2 July. Convenors: Angela Wanhalla and Chris Brickell.

Eugenics in British Colonial Contexts Symposium, in conjunction with the Allan Wilson Centre, St Margaret's College, 7-8 February. Convenor: John Stenhouse


Placing the Personal Essay Colloquium, with the W.H. Oliver Humanities Research Academy (Massey) and the Stout Centre (VUW), Wellington, 2-3 December. Convenors: Cherie Lacey and Ingrid Horrocks

Kalimpong Kids Reunion, St Margaret's College, 28 November. Convenor: Jane McCabe.

Migrant Cross-Cultural Encounters Conference, co-convened with Asian Migrations, Centre for Irish & Scottish Studies, & Comparative Cross-Cultural Studies (Otago), Dunedin, 24-26 November. Convenors: Angela Wanhalla, Angela McCarthy and Jacqui Leckie

Rethinking Native Spaces: Indigenous Mobilities Across and Beyond the Antipodes, with Monash Indigenous Centre (Melbourne), Ōtākou Marae, 20-21 November. Convenors: Michael Stevens and Rachel Standfield (Monash)

Dialogues: Exploring the Drama of Early Missionary Encounters, co-convened with the Hocken Collections, 7-8 November. Convenor: Tony Ballantyne

The Colonial World: Elemental Histories Symposium, Hocken Collections, 31 October. Convenor: Tom Brooking

Indigenous Textual Cultures Symposium, Hocken Collections, 30 June-1 July. Convenors: Lachy Paterson and Tony Ballantyne

Pacific Futures: Past and Present Symposium, in conjunction with Race and Ethnicity in the Global South Research Group (Sydney), Hocken Collections, 19-21 June. Convenors: Barbara Brookes and Miranda Johnson (Sydney)

Cultural Go-Between, Colonial Man: New Perspectives on James Cowan Symposium, in conjunction with National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, 21 February. Convenors: Annabel Cooper and Ariana Tikao


New Historical Perspectives on New Zealand and the Sea Symposium, Department of History & Art History, Otago, 23 November. Convenors: Michael Stevens and Frances Steel (Wollongong)

Writing Histories of Empire and Colonialism: People and Place Postgraduate Workshop with Maya Jasanoff (Harvard), St. Margaret's, Dunedin, 19 November. Convenor: Tony Ballantyne

Paperwork: The Materials and Practices of Modern Information Cultures Symposium, Hocken Collections, 24 May. Convenor: Tony Ballantyne

Colonial Origins of New Zealand Politics Symposium, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, Otago Museum, 8 March. Convenor: Tony Ballantyne

Colonial Objects Conference, Toitū Otago Settlers Museum, 11-13 February. Convenors: Annabel Cooper, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla


Commanding an Audience Symposium, Hocken Collections, 19 November. Convenor: Barbara Brookes

Writing Colonial Histories Symposium, Hocken Collections, 3 August. Convenor: Tony Ballantyne.

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Public lectures 


Professor Sarah Carter (University of Alberta), Women, Agriculture and the Contest for Land on the Canadian Prairies, 7 May.


Maaike Derksen (Radboud University of Nijmegen), Inter-Colonial Exchange, Rivalry, and Cooperation in New Guinea: 1890-1945.

Emeritus Professor Bill Waiser (University of Saskatchewan), In Search of Almighty Voice, 9 March.

Associate Professor Sally Swartz (University of Cape Town), Families, Emotion and Attachment: Insights from the Past to the Present, 18 February.

Associate Professor Sally Swartz (University of Cape Town), The Archive and the Person: History and Psychotherapy, 18 February.


Associate Professor Tim Sherratt (University of Canberra), Digital Interventions, 28 October.

Dr. Kristine Alexander (University of Lethbridge), A Tangled Web: Children, Colonialism and Archives, 24 August.

Associate Professor Tamara Loos (Cornell), 'Bones Around My Neck: Prince Prisday of Siam', 5 August.

Professor Matt Cook (Birkbeck, University of London), 'Queer Domesticities: taking queer history indoors', 1 July.

Dr. Aaron Kamugisha (The University of the West Indies, Cavehill), 'The Caribbean's Intellectual History Through Culture', 14 May.


Professor A.G. Hopkins (University of Cambridge) ‘Is Globalisation Yesterday’s News?’, 10 November.

Dr Sujit Sivasundaram (University of Cambridge) 'Revolutions and Empires in the South-West Indian Ocean, 1788-1810′, 6 November.


Dr. Samia Khatun (University of Sydney) ‘Placing Indian Ocean Travellers: Aboriginal Language Stories about South Asian Workers in the Australian Interior, 1860-1930′, 18 September.

Professor Luke Gibbons (NUI Maynooth) 'Limits of the Visible: Representing the Great Irish Famine', 5 September.

Professor A. R. Venkatachalapathy (Madras Institute of Development Studies) 'The Birth of the Tamil Author', 2 September.

Professor Margaret D. Jacobs (University of Nebraska) 'Transnational Indigenous Women’s Activism and the Indigenous Child Welfare Crisis, 1960-1980s', 1 March.


Professor Vicente M. Diaz (University of Illinois) ‘Voyaging Ancient Futures’, 11 December.

Professor Isabel Hofmeyr (University of Witwatersrand) ‘Gandhi’s South African newspaper Indian Opinion: Towards a Theory of the Imperial Textual Commons’, 3 December.

Professor Durba Ghosh (Cornell) 'Gandhi and the 'Terrorists': challenges to nonviolent political protest in late colonial India', 31 July.

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Visiting scholars


Professor Sarah Carter (University of Alberta), William Evans Fellow, 24 April-14 May.


Maaike Derksen (Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands), September-December.


Dr. Patricia O'Brien (ANU), 16-24 March.


Dr. Kristyn Harman (University of Tasmania), 17-28 November.


Dr. Samia Khatun (University of Sydney), September-February 2014.

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Centre publications


Eugenics at the Edges of Empire: New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa (Palgrave Macmillan), edited by Diane B. Paul, John Stenhouse and Hamish G. Spencer.

He Reo Wāhine: Māori Women's Voices From the Nineteenth Century (Auckland: Auckland University Press), by Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla.

Race, Tea and Colonial Resettlement: Imperial Families, Interrupted (London: Bloomsbury Academic), by Jane McCabe.

Migrant Cross-Cultural Encounters in Asia and the Pacific (New York: Routledge), co-edited by Jacqueline Leckie, Angela McCarthy and Angela Wanhalla.


New Zealand Sexual Histories, Special Issue: New Zealand Journal of History, 50, 1, co-edited by Chris Brickell and Angela Wanhalla.


The Lives of Colonial Objects (Dunedin: Otago University Press) co-edited by Annabel Cooper, Lachy Paterson and Angela Wanhalla.

New Perspectives on James Cowan, Special Issue: Journal of New Zealand Studies, 19NS, edited by Annabel Cooper.


Considering Performance in Colonial Culture, Special Issue: Journal of New Zealand Studies, 15NS, edited by Barbara Brookes.

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