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Postgraduate Student Research

The School of Surveying hosts a number of student research projects at postgraduate and undergraduate level. Here is a list of PhD/Masters theses, and postgraduate diploma/honours dissertations.

Postgraduate Theses

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

NameYearThesis Title
Kambiz Borna2017Geographical Vector Agent Modelling for Image Classification: Initial Development
Cliff Paterson2016Deforestation, agricultural intensification, and farm resilience in Northern Belize: 1980-2010
Judith Rodda2016Hector Dolphins Patterns in Space-Time
Wayumba Robert2015Impacts of Land Registration in Kenya
Geoffrey Hay2014Instrument-Centred software architecture
Benjamin Quaye2014Information Deficiencies and Urban Land Market
Ahmed Abdalla2013The combined modelling of the regional quasigeoid of New Zealand using gravity and GPS-levelling data.
Elaine Leung2013Foraging behaviour of juvenile New Zealand sea lions (Phocarctos hookeri)
Christopher Joseph2013Land Tenure and Human Security
Dawn Coburn2012Gone Tomorrow? Choosing the past to create the future
Mariano Rodríguez2012Spatial ecology of introduced mammalian predators in New Zealand: using satellite technology to quantify resource selection
Amelie Auge2011Foraging ecology of recolonising female NZ sea lions around the Otago Peninsula, NZ
Pascal Sirguey2010Monitoring Snow Cover and Modelling Catchment Discharge With Remote Sensing in the Upper Waitaki Basin

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Masters (MSurv, MSc, MAppSc)

NameTypeYearThesis Title
Zenoveva CorreiaMSc(SURV)2016Accessibility of Land Data and Information Integration in Newly-Independent Countries, with Specific Reference to Timor-Leste
Alexander GeddesMSc2016An investigation of dynamic surface elevation and volume changes of Tasman Glacier using multi-temporal ASTER derived digital elevation models
Jim WattsMSc2013Post-release monitoring of reintroduced buff weka (Gallirallus Australis Hectorii) to mainland New Zealand using GPS/GSM tags.
Vickneshwara Jaya KumaranMSc2012An Integrated GIS-Based Three-Dimensional Subsurface Visualization System
Todd RedpathMSc2011Utilising optical satellite imagery to derive multi-temporal flow-fields for the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand
David ShearerMSurv2011Shared spaces in New Zealand urban areas
Theresa ColeMSc2011An acceleration in New Zealand's sea level record?
Abraham GrowcottMSc2010Measuring Sperm Whales Via Acoustics and Photogrammetry
Delia StrongMSc2008Patterns and processes of ice loss at Tasman Glacier : an evaluation using historic data sources and remotely sensed imagery
Chin Yee ChewMSc2006A strategy for space-time data collection, processing and representation on complex transportation networks
Amélie AugéMSc2006Terrestrial spatial ecology of female New Zealand sea lions : study at Sandy Bay, Auckland Islands, and implications for the management of the recolonisation
Su Bee SengMSc2005Geostatistical modelling, analysis and mapping of epidemiology of dengue fever in Johor State, Malaysia

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Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci, PGDipAppSc)

NameTypeYearThesis Title
Mahmud, AbdullateefPGDipSciSingle beam echo sounder target strength trials and depth accuracy
Cooper BradleyPGDipSciSound velocity profile optimization – Quantifying the uncertainty associated with sound velocity in hydrographic surveying
Oliver EdwardsPGDipSciA-Priori TVU modeling for the Benthos C3D Sidescan Sonar on the Polaris II
Jason EichstaedtPGDipSciExtended Continental Shelf claims: challenges for South West Pacific nations
Christopher GardenPGDIpSciShifting Sands: A spatio-temporal analysis of the Mason Bay dune system, Stewart Island, New Zealand.
Henry CottonPGDipSciDoes the Gaza Strip have a legal right to territorial sea?
Nicholas PlimmerPGDipSci GISComparing the efficacy of traditional 2D topographic maps with2.5D relief maps for navigation by trampers
Sisi ZhangPGDipSci GISUrban design based on online virtual reality
Kotee TebureaPGDipSci GISOur waste, our way
Rosie WoodPGDipSci GISModeling ice retreat on Kilimanjaro using GIS
Hamish MacmillanPGDipSci GISGIS-based multi-criteria analysis of New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) breeding habitat on the New Zealand mainland
Andrew TernesPGDipSciThe Implementation of 3D Nautical Charts to Hydrographic Survey
Nick HankeyPGDipSciCultural GIS in the Bluff Oyster Fishery

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BSurv and BAppSc Honours

Find a full list of Honours theses.

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