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Research in Land Engineering and Urban Development at the School covers the fields of Environmental Modelling and Urban Development Processes and practices. Research projects feature both theoretical and applied approaches.

Environmental modelling

Environmental modelling in the School of Surveying is centred around using Geographical Information Systems to address engineering and environmental issues. A list of current and past environmental modelling projects is provided below.


Urban development

According to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, urban areas are now home to over half the world's population. How urban landscapes are managed, designed, and respond to change are therefore increasingly important. Urban development research here at the School of Surveying ties together many themes and fields, but is centred on the built environment.

Research themes

  • Urban design theory and practice
  • Implementation (development) processes
  • The role of the built form in a changing society
  • Responding to sudden and long term change


People Involved

Gregory Leonard

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