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coat of armsWhat is a Justice of Peace (JP)?

A JP is a member of the community appointed by the Governor-General to meet the needs of their community. They are “people of good standing in the community (which is not to be identified with material prosperity), who are respected as persons of good sense, character and integrity”. Their work is an unpaid service not connected with their employment.

What to do if you need a JP

Find out what type of work JPs can do


Information on JPs in Dunedin

Wednesdays at University of Otago Central Library

  • The Wednesday JP service will now be operating at the University of Otago Central Library AskOtago desk (ground floor). There is no need to make an appointment. Customers will need to speak to the AskOtago staff upon arrival.
  • This JP service operates on Wednesdays 9:00am–3:00pm.
  • Justices of the Peace on duty 2024

For JP enquiries on the University of Otago campus, please contact:

Tel 0800 80 80 98

Mondays at the Otago Museum

  • There is also a Monday JP service at the Otago Museum at 419 Great King Street, North Dunedin (across the street from the Central Library). There  is no need to make an appointment. Customers will need to speak to the  Museum reception upon arrival.
  • The Museum JP service operates on Mondays 1:00pm–4:00pm.
  • Justices of the Peace on duty 2024

Other JPs in Dunedin

  • The Justices of the Peace Federation also provide other community JP services weekly in Dunedin. Refer to the Dunedin community JP service desk list for time and location details.
  • There are university staff who are members of the Justices of the Peace federation who can be contacted to arrange an appointment for JP services. Refer to the University of Otago Staff Justices of the Peace (JP) document for the contact details
  • Other JPs available in the community can be found on the JP Fed website.

Christchurch campus students

There is a Justice of the Peace at Christchurch Hospital, contact:

Gerard Thomas
Tel extn. 80034

Southland, Wellington and Auckland campus students

Find a Justice of the Peace in your area

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