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View into Te Rangihïroa entrance lobby with Māori artwork above door.

Te Rangihīroa College entrance (Image by Zion-Elijah Productions)

Student information

The student handbook covers everything you'll need to know about staying at Te Rangihīroa College.

Te Rangihīroa College handbook

Te Rangihīroa provides a comprehensive in-house academic support programme to help you navigate tertiary education.

Learning support

Our in-house tutorials are interactive sessions offered for a range of major 100-level (first-year) papers. These sessions aim to assist you in honing your academic skills whilst providing an opportunity to improve your understanding of course material through complementing and extending the formal classes held at the University.

Our tutorials are led by students who have previously completed the paper with a strong result. Tutors are supported by the College team and led by our Tautiaki-Piki.

Additional academic support initiatives

Some of the other ways we'll support your academic success include:

  • Study facilities: We provide a range of flexible spaces throughout our whare. You can set up to study where suits you. We have two learning rooms, Te Punawai and Te Titōhea, as well as a study lounge.
  • The College team also work closely with support services on campus, including Student Learning and Development. They can assist you to connect with these services and make contact with your academic departments for support if needed.

We utilise multiple methods of communication across our College. These include email, text message, social media channels (Facebook) and phone calls.

There is digital signage throughout the ground floor of our College which you can find relevant information on as you pass by.

At any time you can contact the College staff via phone, email or by stopping at the offices. Our kaimahi can assist you with a question, or just stop by for a kōrero.

Te Rangihīroa abides by the University of Otago code of conduct and has an expectation that all its students living at Te Rangihīroa will abide by this code.

Any current Te Rangihīroa student resident found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct may have their accommodation contract with Te Rangihīroa reviewed by the Tautiaki.

University of Otago Code of Student Conduct

Te Rangihīroa is a Five Star Green Star building.

On the digital signage within the building you will find information about water and energy consumption in the College.

Things you can do to support our sustainability efforts:

  • Turn off all lights/heaters when they are not needed to conserve energy.
  • Correctly recycle using the method bins provided throughout the building.
  • Put on your plate only what you are going to eat to reduce food waste.
  • Consider your water use, e.g have a shorter shower.
  • Hang your washing on the College washing line, rather than using the dryer.
  • Leave your car at home. Te Rangihīroa is within walking distance to campus and the central city. Bus routes are nearby the College should you wish to venture further afield. We also have bike storage if you want to bring your bike.

You can find more information in our student handbook.

Te Rangihīroa encourages residents to join the Inter-College Competition |Tauwhāinga Kāreti.

There are many options available across sports, culture and games and there may be something you already play or participate in, or something you want to try.

Whilst we compete against other Otago Colleges we are keen to see as many residents get involved as possible.

Find our more on the Inter-College Competition site

Our kaimahi (staff) are committed to supporting you during your time at Te Rangihīroa.

The Tautiaki, Tautiaki-Piki and Tautiaki-Kaiāwhina live onsite, as do the Kaiāwhina. Should you need assistance kaimahi are available 24 hours a day.

Our kaimahi work with other departments across the University of Otago and can assist you with referrals if need be.

Residents are offered and encouraged to get involved in volunteering. Opportunities will be organised by the College team which you can engage with.

You can also check out the University of Otago Social Impact Studio website


Contact us at We can help with questions about life at Te Rangihīroa and anything else you may want to know about our College.

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