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The kaimahi of Te Rangihīroa are here for you. Our team are dedicated and skilled at building an inclusive community and environment where everyone can thrive. They are committed to the hauora (health and well-being) of all tauira, and look forward to seeing you make your first year at Otago a great one!

Tautiaki | Warden

Kara Whaley

Kara is responsible for leading and managing all aspects of the Te Rangihīroa community. Kara steers the college direction and will be there to help manage any challenging situations throughout the year. The Tautiaki is responsible for the administration of the College and the welfare of the Residents.

Kara lives onsite and is based in the office behind reception.

Tautiaki-Piki | Deputy Warden

Jess McIntyre

Jess assists the Tautiaki to oversee all aspects of the college. She also oversees the Kaiāwhina Whare (Sub-Warden) team, provides academic support and runs the in-house academic programme, and assists with all aspects of tauira hauora.

Jess also lives onsite, and is based in the office next to the Tautiaki.

Tautiaki-Kaiāwhina | Assistant Wardens

George Jackson and Deirdre Cooper

Te Rangihīroa College has two Tautiaki-Kaiāwhina, one of whom lives onsite. The Tautiaki-Kaiāwhina support the staff team in resident pastoral care and hauora. They also organise the College social calendar and the Inter-College Competition, so if you have ideas of fun college events come and see them!

They are based in the back of reception so make sure to say kia ora when you come past.

Kaiwhakarite Whakaratonga Kiritaki | Administrators

Jess Dalton and Nikki Stumbles

The Kaiwhakarite Whakaratonga Kiritaki are based at reception and will be your go-to person for college life queries. They’ll be able to assist with parcel collection, accommodation fee payments, and any other general queries.

They will be at reception between 8:30am and 5pm on weekdays.

Kaiwhakahaere Ratonga Kai | Food Services Manager

Brian Galvin

Keeping the college well-nourished is the goal of the Kaiwhakahaere Ratonga Kai and their team. They are happy to look after any dietary requirements and any other queries about kai. Make sure to say hello when you come through!

Kaituitui Rauhanga | Facilities Coordinator

Mark Robertson

The Kaituitui Rauhanga will be the person who answers any maintenance requests that you put through Te Puna. They look after the college building and grounds. Please let us know quickly if any repairs are needed so they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Kaiāwhina Whare | Sub-Wardens

The Kaiāwhina Whare are the valued student staff team who will help you navigate your first year at the University of Otago. All of our Kaiāwhina Whare are current students at the University who lived in a residential college in their first year of university, and so have a wealth of knowledge about university life.

Every floor will have designed Kaiāwhina Whare who will be your go-to person for questions, queries and concerns. The Kaiāwhina Whare help manage day-to-day aspects of College life through pastoral care and event planning and management. They’ll be at reception in the evenings and weekends to help out.

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