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Postgraduate accommodation

The University of Otago offers a variety of accommodation options suitable for postgraduate students, including residential colleges and shared accommodation (flatting). Postgraduate students are welcome in some undergraduate residential colleges. All residential colleges provide fully-furnished and equipped accommodation. They have a strong community ethos, with academic support, cultural, sporting and social activities. Students wishing to live in University-managed accommodation need to submit an online application.

Residential colleges with postgraduate wings or houses

Postgraduate family accommodation

Senior students with partners or families may prefer to rent houses or flats near shops or schools. The University provides some accommodation for postgraduate students with families at the University Flats.

University Flats

Independent living is available with other postgraduate students in flats/houses from two bedrooms to six bedrooms. The accommodation is furnished with the tenant(s) being responsible for phone and electricity accounts. There are a number of one, two and three bedroom flats available for both individual students and students with partners/children. The leases for the University Flats are fixed term, either for 6 or 12 months (12 months being the maximum stay).

University Flats website

Staff accommodation

Affordable accommodation is available in the suburbs, often only a short (15 minute) drive or bus trip from the main campus. It is advisable to arrange temporary accommodation prior to your arrival and then visit the Student Accommodation Centre for more information.

The Student Accommodation Centre, newspaper and rental agencies provide lists of suitable houses and flats.

For further information

Contact an Accommodation Adviser
Tel +64 3 479 5100

Private board and Homestay

Dunedin citizens are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality and many offer board to students. The length of stay and other conditions can be discussed and agreed on with the board provider. However, because expenses cover only the academic year, boarding can save you money, making it a popular alternative.

It is not advisable to arrange board without seeing it first. You should arrive in Dunedin some days before your course begins and visit board providers before making a decision.

Homestay accommodation can be pre-booked through the Pathway and Language Centre programmes.

Homestay information at the Pathway and Language Centre website

Accommodation options for students with disabilities

The University of Otago is committed to assisting students with disabilities. The residential colleges provide a range of provisions for students with disabilities.

See the accommodation options for students with disabilities

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