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What is SERGE?

SERGE is a student engagement research group. We showcase, nurture and develop quality research being undertaken on all types of student engagement, across all disciplines. Originally founded in the Otago Business School at the University of Otago, SERGE has grown in momentum and now has domestic and international members and spans a wide range of disciplines.

Who is SERGE?


SERGE was founded by Dr Sarah Carr and Nicola Beatson of the Otago Business School. Many academics, from a variety of disciplines undertake research on student engagement. Sarah and Nicola saw an opportunity to bring academics together to share best practice on doing research in this important area. This interdisciplinary approach, allows academics from across subjects to share ideas, methods, outcomes and to be able to connect with other like-minded researchers in future projects.

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Dr Sarah Carr Nicola Beatson


Colleagues at the Otago Business School and wider University of Otago are joined by SERGE presenters and members from The University of Glasgow, the University of Melbourne, and the University of South Australia. We look forward to this list expanding in coming years, and welcome any membership requests from New Zealand, Australia and further afield.

The expertise within the group is broad, with members from a range of Business disciplines including Marketing, Management, Accounting, Finance and Business Administration; a range of Health disciplines including general practice, rural health, Maori health and physiotherapy; a range of Science disciplines including Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Botany and Zoology; as well as Education and the first year experience programme at Otago.

New members welcome

There is no cost to join SERGE.
Please email to be added to our growing membership:

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