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Find out if you meet the requirements for a scholarship in Accounting or Finance

A limited number of scholarships are available to students seeking financial support. Take a look to see whether you are eligible, and apply now!

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CFA® Institute's Scholarship Program for University Students

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Program is a globally recognised standard for measuring the competence and integrity of financial analysts. Its curriculum develops and reinforces a fundamental knowledge of investment principles. Three levels of examination measure a candidate's ability to apply these principles at a professional level. The CFA exam is administered annually to more than 100,000 candidates in over 90 nations, including New Zealand.

Up to five student scholarships are available for University of Otago students to become new CFA candidates at Level I, with students paying a substantially reduced cost. This covers the registration for the CFA Program and enrolment for the Level I exam.

Read CFA Scholarship information (PDF)

Instructions on how to apply for a CFA student scholarship (PDF)

Download the CFA Scholarship Application form (PDF)

Visit the CFA website for more information on the programme

Deutsche Bank Financial Markets and Investment Banking Scholarships

Two scholarships are awarded annually to full-time students in their penultimate year of either a Bachelors degree with Honours or combined Honours in Economics, Finance, Accounting, or Economics and Statistics; or a double degree in Law and Commerce, where the major subject for the Commerce degree is one or more of Economics, Finance, Accounting, or Economics and Statistics.

Students completing their Bachelors degree this year who are intending to proceed to postgraduate (ie PGDipCom or MBus) courses next year in Accounting, Economics or Finance are also encouraged to apply.

$2,500 per year for two years

About the scholarship

John Waddell Hayward Scholarship in Commerce

Established in 1974 by gifts from past and present members of staff and students, and by public subscriptions, on the retirement of Dr JW Hayward as Registrar of the University of Otago.

The purpose of the scholarships is to assist in the advancement of knowledge in those disciplines concerned with Business Administration.

The Scholarships shall be held only by full-time students in the Faculty of Commerce who are proceeding to the final year of an Honours degree.

The Scholarships shall be of the same value as University of Otago Senior Scholarships and/or University of Otago Awards in Commerce, and shall be awarded by the Council on the recommendation of the University of Otago Scholarships Committee following the receipt of nominations from Heads of Departments in the Faculty of Commerce.

The Council shall have power to vary these regulations on the recommendation of the Faculty of Commerce and the Senate should changed circumstances render such action necessary, provided that neither the name of the scholarship nor the general purpose of the scholarship for advanced studies in Commerce is altered.

KPMG Fulfilling New Zealand's Prosperity Scholarships

Two scholarships from KPMG were established in 2022 and are available to students in the Department of Accountancy and Finance.

These scholarships are awarded annually and aim to encourage students to step into the great potential they have for the future.

The prizes will be awarded on the recommendation of the School's Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and after consultation with the Head of the Department of Accountancy and Finance.  

One scholarship will be awarded to the top student in the Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT 310) class and the second will be awarded to a third-year student who has undertaken extra community service alongside their academic excellence in accounting.

The value of the prizes will normally be NZ$1,000 and, separate to the monetary award, KPMG will fast track an interview or assessment day for each prize recipient.

T.K. Cowan Scholarships in Accounting and Finance

Established in 1982 by public subscription to mark the retirement of T.K. Cowan, Professor of Accounting and Finance from 1961 to 1981 and Dean of the Faculty of Commerce from 1959 to 1975. The scholarships may be held only by students of Accounting or Finance.

William Emery Scholarship in Commerce

Established in 1928 by Mrs McGill-Brown, in memory of her father. The scholarship shall be awarded to a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce who is among the best ten students of Accounting and Economics at 100-level, and who gains the highest aggregate mark in Accounting at 100-level and Economics at 100-level.

Value of the Scholarship: $500

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