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The University of Otago issues four official documents in relation to a student's academic study and achievement:

Official transcript

An official transcript is available for:

  • University of Otago current and past students
  • University of Otago students who studied prior to 1977 (historical transcript – hard copy only)
  • Former Dunedin College of Education students (hard copy only prior to 2006)
  • Students who studied towards a Kindergarten qualification prior to 1974 (historical transcript – hard copy only)

A University of Otago transcript will show the following details:

  • Full name, student ID number and date of birth
  • Entrance qualification
  • Qualifications(s) completed, including date complete/conferred (if applicable)
  • Qualifications(s) in progress (if applicable)
  • University of Otago scholarships or prizes awarded (if applicable and excluding departmental awards)
  • Course of study for each year, including:
    • Programmes(s) taken
    • Full-time or part-time status and enrolled dates
    • Papers taken, with the corresponding academic points, final percentage mark and grade awarded for each
  • Grade Point Average

How to obtain a certified digital transcript

Certified digital transcripts are available via the My eQuals platform for University of Otago current and past students, with the following exceptions:

  • University of Otago students who studied prior to 1977
  • Dunedin College of Education students who studied prior to 2006
  • The Kindergarten qualification prior to 1974

Former students in the categories listed above can instead request a hard-copy transcript (see below).

First year enrolled students will be sent an email on completing their first semester to advise when their digital transcript is available via My eQuals.

Students who have previously studied can upload their transcript to My eQuals, via their eVision portal using the link located under “Programmes and Papers”.

The one-off My eQuals fee of $30 needs to be paid before the certified official transcript can be viewed or shared.

Information about My eQuals

How to obtain a certified hard-copy transcript

An official transcript for Dunedin College of Education prior to 2006, or a historical transcript prior to 1977 can only be produced in hard copy. You can also request a hard-copy transcript if you studied more recently.

Hard copy transcripts can take 3–5 working days to produce. A fee may be charged.

To request a hard-copy academic transcript, contact AskOtago. You will receive a reply telling you whether there will be a fee and how to make the payment.

Contact AskOtago

Grade Point Averages (GPA)

Grade Point Average calculations are performed automatically within eVision. This is available to both staff and students when viewing academic record details.

GPA calculations also appear on the printed and digital versions of an official transcript, except for study prior to 1993.

Download a sample GPA calculation (PDF)

Unofficial transcript (record)

Your unofficial transcript (record) contains all your course/study details. You can access this from within eVision by clicking on the “View Academic Record” link in any of the following three locations:

  • Programme and papers
  • The front page of your portal under “My Details”
  • In the “My exams and results” section under “Results”

Or you can obtain a printout at no charge from AskOtago.

If you require formal evidence of your course/study details or grades or qualifications, you will need a certified digital transcript. See above information about obtaining a digital transcript.

Visit the AskOtago Service Portal

Qualification certificate (testamur)

The University of Otago issues qualification certificates (testamurs) when a student graduates. These are also referred to as degree certificates and award certificates.

Students graduating after October 2017 will have a certified digital certificate available via My eQuals within three working days of their graduation ceremony. The one off My eQuals fee of $30 gives you access to your certified digital certificate and your digital transcript. The Official University of Otago seal appears on a certified digital certificate.

Certificates issued prior to October 2017 are not automatically uploaded to My eQuals. If your certificate was issued prior to October 2017, contact the Graduation Office to enquire about obtaining a certified digital certificate via My eQuals:


A hard-copy replacement of a certificate will incur charges.

Information about My eQuals

Replace a hard-copy of a qualification certificate


A statement is an official letter from the University confirming details of a student's enrolment or qualifications.

You can print or upload the following statements to My eQuals via your eVision portal, under “programmes and papers”:

  • Current enrolment status and finalist status
  • Completed qualification(s)

The enrolment status statement includes your full name, your status as a full-time or part-time student, your start and end dates for the current year's enrolment, the programme(s) of study and if you're a finalist in any of your programme(s).

The statement of completed qualification(s) includes your full name and lists each qualification that you have completed at Otago along with the date(s) those qualifications were completed or conferred (as appropriate). If you obtain this statement after applying to graduate but before the ceremony takes place, it will show the date on which the qualification is to be conferred.

If you choose to upload your statement into the My eQuals portal, this will enable you to share a verified digital copy of the statement.

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Information about My eQuals

Login to My eQuals portal

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