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Obtaining a certified digital degree or diploma certificate

If your certificate was issued at a graduation ceremony held after September 2017, a certified digital certificate is available via the My eQuals portal. The official University of Otago seal appears on the certified digital certificate.

If your certificate was issued at a graduation ceremony held prior to September 2017, please contact the Graduation Office (via the email link below) to enquire about obtaining a digital certificate via the My eQuals portal.

There is a one-off fee of $30 payable via My eQuals, to access your digital certificate(s) and your digital transcript.

Qualification certificates can normally be uploaded to My eQuals on the same business day that you make contact with the Graduation Office.

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Hard-copy replacement of a certificate

A copy of your original certificate can be produced only if it has been lost, damaged, or destroyed.

All replacement certificates (including College of Education certificates pre 2007) will be issued on current University of Otago parchment paper. Due to this please note that a reproduction may not be an exact duplicate of your previously awarded certificate. Reprints will include the name of the graduate, the qualification, the date awarded, and depending on the date awarded either the signature, or name of the Chancellor and Registrar at the time it was awarded. As the University of Otago has been a place of learning for over 150 years for historic requests where the certificate cannot be reproduced a letter of confirmation will be issued instead.

To enquire about obtaining a hard-copy replacement of your certificate:


Cost and timeframe

Replacements cost $75 (plus courier) per qualification, and take 4 to 6 weeks to process.

Damaged certificates

If your original certificate still exists but has been damaged, you must return the damaged certificate to the University.


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