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Final Examination Only

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Failed an exam?

Final Examination Only (FEO) is the opportunity for you, upon failing an exam, to sit the exam only in the next period the paper is offered.

This can only be granted once in a particular paper and only in the next period the paper is offered.

If your FEO application is approved you cannot attend any lectures, laboratories or tutorials, or receive assistance from Academic Staff. There is no access to electronic holdings of course material, or to printed material.

In some papers FEO is not available, you will be advised if that is the case.

To apply for FEO you will need to complete and submit a Final Examination only application.

Application deadlines

Please ensure that you submit your application by the deadline below.

Due dates for FEO applications
Summer School papers 10 January
First semester and full year papers 1 March
Second semester papers 31 July


Once your application has been assessed by the Department an email will be sent to your student email address informing you of the outcome.  In some instances you may not know the outcome until the Department have assessed your final results for your current papers.

If your application is accepted

You must enrol in the paper when it is next offered via your eVision portal and be course approved.  Once course approved the paper will be updated to FEO.

An invoice will be generated in your tuition fees account (FEO in this case).  Notification will be sent to your eVision portal advising you that there is an invoice to pay.

If you have indicated that you wish to sit the FEO outside of Dunedin ('other') you will be liable for any costs that could arise from this arrangement.

Please note that the Government Student Loan scheme does not cover FEO payments.  FEO enrolments are not taken into account in any consideration of a student's status as full-time or part-time.

Problems with enrolling? Access the AskOtago Service Portal

For current fee charges refer to the Fees Guide

How is this recorded on my academic transcript and will it affect my GPA?

The final result for the FEO paper includes the carried over original internal assessment results and the result of the second attempt to sit the final exam. 

The final result for the FEO paper and the original final 'Failed' result for the paper are recorded and shown on the official academic transcript.  Both final results are included in the GPA.

Need more information about your academic transcript and GPA.

How to cancel

Email if you wish to cancel your FEO by the deadline below.

Deadline for cancelling FEO applications
Summer School papers 1 February
First semester papers 10 May
Second semester and full year papers 10 September

If you fail to inform us of your intention to withdraw before these dates, you will receive a 'fail' grade for the paper concerned.

Need help? Access the AskOtago Service Portal

Access the AskOtago Service Portal

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