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PowerPoint-standard cover
Standard cover

PowerPoint-postgrad cover
Postgraduate-specific cover

PowerPoint-slide page options
Slide options

How to include other Otago-branded slides

These PowerPoint templates can be used for all presentations, but the look and feel of the branding must not be interfered with.

The templates have an aspect ratio of 16:9, the most widely used size for current projectors. If presenting on a screen with a smaller aspect ratio (such as 4:3), there's no need to scale the document within PowerPoint, as the projector will automatically scale to fit the available space.

Notes on template usage

  • Several variations of slides are available for use in each template, including Māori, Pacific, and campus branding. On the menu ribbon (under the Home tab), click the 'New Slide' icon arrow and select the slide you would like to use.
  • A footer for the presenter's name, division, and presentation title is located at the bottom of some slides. Click near the bottom of the slide to activate it.

Inserting a campaign background image for use as a title slide

  1. On the menu ribbon (under the Home tab), click the New Slide icon down arrow and add the 'Full image campaign cover' slide.
  2. Then, on the menu ribbon (under the Home tab), click the Picture icon and then select 'Picture from File'.
  3. Locate the intended background image and click 'Insert'.
  4. Right-click on the inserted image and select 'Send to Back'.
  5. Edit text boxes as required.

If there are any other questions, please visit the AskOtago Service Portal.

Download PowerPoint templates files

Files updated August 2022.
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