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There are a range of employment agreements for different employment types:

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Professional staff

Employment agreementDate
General Staff Collective Agreement01/07/2022
Professional Staff Individual Agreement01/07/2022
Poisons Officers Individual Agreement01/07/2022
Student Health General Practitioners Individual Agreement01/07/2022
University Union Individual Agreement (UUIEA)01/07/2022
Management Individual Agreement01/07/2022

Academic staff

Employment agreementDate
Academic Staff Collective Employment Agreement01/07/2022
Academic Staff Individual Employment Agreement01/07/2022
School/ECE Support Service Staff Collective Agreement (CoE)01/07/2020
Clinical Tutors (Terms & Conditions)01/07/2016
Dental House Surgeons Individual Employment Agreement Terms & Conditions01/02/2019

Casual and student staff

Dan Wilson
HR Manager, Promotions & Remuneration
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