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Allan Wilson at Otago explores the health and histories of New Zealand populations using evolutionary genomics

Excellence in molecular evolution

The University of Otago is a leading institution in Australasia in the field of evolutionary biology. We are recognised internationally for excellence in molecular evolution.

We seek to answer:

  • What are the health implications of our biologically diverse human population, can our approaches to health be improved?
  • What shaped our unique flora and fauna, and how might we protect them?
  • What are the social implications of genetic technologies, past, present and future?
  • How does our ethnic diversity influence our sense of identity as New Zealanders?

Genomics and bioinformatics as tools

Using genomics and bioinformatics we reconstruct biological, linguistic, and cultural histories to find evolutionary factors that impact on our modern genomic diversity.

This evolutionary perspective may shed light on how we approach health issues, conservation of our native species, and have implications for social issues and identity.

Our research

Our own world-leading scientists have united with international researchers to celebrate and build on the work of Allan Wilson, a New Zealander who revolutionised evolutionary biology.

Professor Allan Wilson's legacy

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