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Thank you to all alumni, friends, parents, current students, and members of staff who generously support the University of Otago. Your donations help students get a life-changing education, researchers tackle our world's most pressing issues, and make our community an outstanding place.

You can find out more about current priorities in need of your support and make a donation to one of the following areas:

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Professor Craig Rodger

"In my life I have been an undergraduate and postgraduate student at Otago, and now a staff member.

"I know financial pressures can have a big influence on a student's life when they should be studying - the scale of the COVID disruption is far bigger than anything which occurred in my lifetime. Knowing what a difference some financial help can make, I felt compelled to help today's students by donating to the hardship fund."

Professor Craig Rodger, Beverly Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, University of Otago.

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Chelsea Steen-Jones

"The alumni scholarship was a really special thing to receive. At the time, it was a reminder of the support from my high school teachers, the trust the University had in me, and the faith from and accountability I felt towards the alumni community."

Chelsea Steen-Jones, University of Otago alumna and Alumni Appeal Entrance Scholarship 2012 recipient.

Read a Q&A with Chelsea about the positive impact her scholarship had on her time at Otago

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