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Joining an alumni group is a great way to stay connected with Otago alumni.

Don't see a local network in your area? Start one!

We're looking for main contacts in areas all around the world – someone who can take RSVPs and suggest a place to meet with other alumni. This can be as simple as suggesting a local pub with a date and time to meet up. Everyone pays for themselves at these events, so there is no cost to the organiser. We'll send out the invitations from our office for you, and help with any questions you may have. If you are interested in being our main contact for an area, please email

Where in the world are you?

The University of Otago has over 100,000 contactable alumni living in over 140 countries.

Tell us where you are and we will be able to invite you to events and tell you about opportunities in your area.

You can update your details or email with your location.

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