Monday 21 March 2022 2:46pm

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Be entertained and feed your mind with our Hot Picks. You can relax in the comfort of your own home, while listening to a selection of podcasts, interviews, and lectures from Otago academics, visiting lecturers, and alumni.

RNZ Summer Science: There's something in the water

William Bowden, University of Otago Centre for Science Communication student, takes a look into the topical issue of nitrates in our waterways

New Zealand History – what should we know about and why should we care

An exploration of the importance of historical understanding in contemporary cultural life.
Presented by Professor Tony Ballantyne.

Horsing around: Ketamine and me (RNZ Our Changing World)

Asia King was asked to be in a study using ketamine to treat depression. Asia agreed, and being a Centre for Science Communication student, she made a podcast to describe her experience.

Broken-hearted cities: Why driving is the new smoking

Presented by Alex Dyer, Co-chair Cycle Wellington.

Cars, and other heavy private motorised vehicles are increasingly regarded as unhealthy products, especially in cities and residential areas. This talk explores the parallels between the current saturation of cars in cities, with the historical transition from a similar situation with cigarettes and smoking.

The Stoked Spokes project: Reconnecting Aotearoa with pedal power and postcards

Presented by Matthew Jenkins, Research Fellow in Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington.

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