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Tuesday 13 June 2023 1:14pm

An accidental miracle – research has surprising results

Sometimes medical research can have the most unexpected results. Award-winning author and Otago alumna, Dr Lynley Hood, has had her eyesight restored while taking part in Dunedin School of Medicine research aimed at alleviating chronic pain.

Project Co-Leader Dr Divya Adhia says, "Miracle is not a word we use very often in science, but it was — an accidental miracle. It wasn't the intended outcome, but to see that my research has actually made an impact with people is really miraculous."

You can read more about the research and listen to Dr Hood talk about her experience here on RNZ The "accidental miracle" that restored sight to Dunedin writer Lynley Hood | RNZ

Photos give men a voice to discuss mental health

Through the eyes of men650x400

An innovative research project at the University of Otago, Wellington, is using photography to help men open up about their experiences of living with depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety.

In the project, 'Through the Eyes of Men', led by Senior Research Fellow Dr Sarah McKenzie, 21 men get behind the lens, taking photos which reflect their personal experiences of living with mental distress, and what helped or hindered their mental health journeys.

Their images are displayed in a digital exhibition on the project's website, along with descriptions of what they mean to the photographers. Their photos range from scenes of nature to urban, family and home life.

Read more about the research and view the photo exhibition here: Photos give men a voice to discuss mental distress, News and events, Pacific Health Research at Otago, University of Otago, New Zealand

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