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What is course advice?

CourseAdvice226pxIf you are unsure about any aspect of your study we have dedicated course advisers in the Department of Anatomy who are here to help you.

Our course advisers can help you:

  • Plan your study
  • Choose the degree and papers that are right for you
  • Look at your career aspirations and how your study fits in with that
  • Make sure that you've got the right combination of papers to meet regulations
  • Guide and provide solutions if there have been difficulties with the progression of your course

Course advice options

Getting course advise is as easy as making an appointment with a staff member from the Department of Anatomy.

For general course advice enquiries email:
For 400-level course advice enquiries email:
For MSc/PhD course advice enquiries email:

Assistance with course advice is also available from Student Development: Course Advice

Rescue strategies

StretcherCharacters226px copySometimes students fail critical papers, sometimes their first choice doesn't pan out, or sometimes they simply change their mind.

If your degree isn't going as planned talk to one of our advisers. We have strategies that can deal with most problems in the most efficient way possible.

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