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Head of Programme

Professor Ruth Fitzgerald

Theoretical and applied medical anthropology; contemporary ideologies of health care; innovative medical technology and embodiment in New Zealand society.

Academic staff

Dr Hannah Bulloch

Discourses and practices of 'development'; local and indigenous notions of the good life; family livelihood strategies; the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Christiane Leurquin

Pacific Islands Anthropology; Kanak women, family and education; 19th and 20th Century History of New Caledonia and the Pacific.

Associate Professor Greg Rawlings

Citizenship and Globalisation; Transnationalism; Tax Havens; and Offshore Finance Centres.

Dr Susan Wardell

Social media; care and moral practices in digital spaces; emotion and affect; medical crowdfunding; mental health and wellbeing.

Teaching Fellows (part-time)

Dr Molly George

Ms Molly McCormick

Dr Julia Wilson

Honorary members of the programme

Dr Ian Frazer

Postgraduate students

Current postgraduate students in Social Anthropology

Support staff

Rickie Kewene


Les O'Neill

Illustration and Graphics

Heather Sadler

Laboratory Manager, IT and Research

Past staff members

Dr Cyril Schäfer

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