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Our People

Head of Department

Professor Richard Walter

Prehistory and archaeology of Oceania with a special interest in Melanesia and Polynesia; material culture analysis; history of archaeological method and theory; ethnoarchaeology; faunal analysis. SPAR.
Maori Students Support Officer

Academic Staff

Associate Professor Ian Barber

New Zealand archaeology; agricultural innovation; cultural change and contact; archaeological resource management and politics; anthropology of religion.

Professor Ruth Fitzgerald

Theoretical and applied medical anthropology; contemporary ideologies of health care; innovative medical technology and embodiment in New Zealand society.

Dr Anne Ford

Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Neolithic/Bronze Age China; trade; lithic technology; sourcing studies; modern human migrations and behaviour; settlement patterns/colonisation.

Professor Charles Higham

The prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia; the implications of archaeogenetics and historic linguistics.

Emeritus Professor Helen Leach

Polynesian prehistory; stone technology; evolution of the human diet; prehistoric horticulture and garden history; domestication; the material culture and history of recipes and cooking.

Dr Greg Rawlings

Citizenship and Globalisation; Transnationalism; Tax Havens; and Offshore Finance Centres.

Associate Professor Ian Smith

Archaeology of the modern world; New Zealand archaeology; culture contact and change; archaeozoology; human impacts on the environment.

Professor Glenn Summerhayes

Pacific archaeology, in particular Melanesia; the archaeology of trade and exchange; the development of social complexity.

Dr Tim Thomas

Archaeology and historical anthropology of Oceania; Material culture of the Pacific region; Socio-cultural landscapes; The archaeology of colonisation.
Postgraduate Coordinator

Dr Susan Wardell (Teaching Fellow)

Medical Anthropology; Mental Health; Spirituality and Religion (Christianity); Care and Non-profit Work; Media and Digital; East Africa (Uganda); New Zealand.

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Southern Pacific Archaeological Research (SPAR)

Karen Greig

Research Fellow, Research Manager

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Honorary Members of the Department

Dr Dimitri Anson


Dr Ian Frazer

Social Anthropology

Dr Gautam Ghosh

Social Anthropology

Associated Professor Jacqui Leckie

Social Anthropology

Dr Angela Middleton


Dr Peter Petchey


Professor Marshall Weisler


Associate Professor Janet Wilmshurst

University of Auckland profile

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Support Staff

Phil Latham

Laboratory Manager, Archaeology

Les O'Neill

Illustration & Graphics

Heather Sadler

Laboratory Manager, IT & Research

Cathrine Waite

Department Administrator

Past Staff Members

Dr Cyril Schäfer

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