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Live and learn with Aquinas College – a vibrant, friendly and fun environment

Aquinas College offers an unbeatable balance of study, community and lifestyle. This is a place you can call home as you move from teenage life to independence.

Make new friends. Take part in our social, cultural and sports events. There's something for everyone to complement your studies.

Join our inclusive, diverse college whānau.

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2024 Fees

Aquinas College extension

During 2022, Aquinas College will be undergoing building works.

Building contractors will be working on the east side of the building (in the area of the current gym).  The gym will be demolished to make way for a new wing to house 66 additional residents in 2023.

Aquinas 2022 residents will still enjoy the full collegiate experience, but additional noise on site can be expected.

About the Aquinas College extension

What our students say


“The experience is the major part, being part of a smaller college means you get to form bonds with everyone and it is quite literally like family. The vibrancy of the community is what ties it all together”




“Aquinas was the ideal place to begin my university career. I have met the best of my friends, enjoyed the community atmosphere and had the time of my life. It's truly a place like no other where you have 24/7 support to do your best and make the most of your Otago Uni experience!”

Nikita Potter



“I am so grateful for living at AQ for my first year, as it allowed me to thrive in my studies, meet some amazing friends and stay involved in sports, volunteering and many more. I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking to study in Otago”

Liv Bruce



“Extraordinary College! Such an awesome family and community vibe, always giving us the best opportunities. Great facilities and food. A place where you're never afraid to be yourself!”

Lisa Miller



“Aquinas is more peaceful than other colleges and is the perfect place not just for great academics but also for having fun and forming great social bonds with other people. The staff and residents are nice and the food is really good, so glad to have stayed at AQ”

Rikki Soliman



“Aquinas feels like one really big home where you are always welcome and there are people constantly happy to see you. The staff are awesome, the RA's feel just like older siblings, and most importantly, your peer residents become like a family to you!”

Jack Matterson


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