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Arrival dayQ. Can I get a booklet about Arana sent to me?

  • Arana does not send out hard copy booklets. We want to save paper and costs and believe our website has enough information.
    College Handbook (PDF)

Q. Should I worry about my room being rented out for "live in" conferences?

  • Arana, at this time, does not have "live in" conferences while undergraduate residents are living in them, so your room is your room!

Q. When can I arrive on Opening Day?

  • Arrive at Arana by coming to our main entrance and reception on Clyde St. We prefer residents to arrive on opening weekend after 9am.

Q. When can I know which room I'm in?

  • You will be advised as to your room allocation upon arrival and not before (except if we place you in a house.) We expect that you will accept the Wardens decision regarding room allocation. Yes we have houses and yes you may be placed in a house and yes you will be fine in any Arana Arana residents have been since 1943.

Q. What should I bring with me?

  • Arana supplies pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and a duvet inner and cover. You can bring your own duvet cover and duvet if you wish. You need to insure your belongings. Arana will give you a washing basket upon your arrival, as well as other some other useful things! E.g. irons are provided. You do your own washing and the use of the washing machines/dryers is free. Arana gives you clean sheets every week and Arana launders them.

Q. How cold does it get?

  • It will be cold in Dunedin at various times in the year so bring a hottie if you want and bring warm clothing. We don't permit electric blankets or personal heaters at Arana.

Q. Am I allowed to drink?

  • Arana supports sensible alcohol consumption. Check out our terms and conditions.

Q. Am I allowed to smoke or vape?

  • Arana is totally smoke free. All buildings and all grounds.

Q. What if I feel unwell?

  • If you are sick or have an accident please tell us and we can make a plan to help you.

Q. Are we allowed guests to stay overnight?

  • All guests staying the night must be signed in. Always! Arana also has a family / whanau / guest room. Contact our reception for prices.

Q. What size beds do you have?

  • We offer single/king single beds depending on where you are housed.

Q. Do I need to get my appliances certified?

  • All electrical items including appliances, computers and chargers, must be electrically checked and certified by any appliance service company prior to your arrival. This applies to all new and used items.

Q. Do you have wifi at Arana?

  • Arana has both Wireless and LAN connections and you can be connected by one or other in all Arana rooms.

Q. Do you have any spaces for cars, bikes or kayaks?

  • Arana does not have parking for residents. We have a big bike shed and space for kayaks.

Q. Do you do recycling at Arana?

  • Arana recycles bottles, cans, plastic, cardboard and newspapers and we expect you to do your bit.
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