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Students who wish to specialise in Archaeology have to choose the major in Anthropology because there is no separate Archaeology major.

Study for a Bachelor of Arts

Archaeology students are encouraged to include one or more lower-level papers with a focus on Social Anthropology in their course (including the joint ANTH 103 paper).

They may also wish to take Biological Anthropology courses concerned in part with the study of human biological remains from archaeological sites. These courses are offered through the Department of Anatomy. Students with strong interests in archaeological techniques and science may wish to credit other relevant science and surveying papers in their degree.

More about studying towards a BA

Postgraduate degrees in Archaeology

Qualified students may apply to study for Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Master of Arts, Master of Archaeological Practice or PhD degrees in the Archaeology programme. If you are thinking about studying for an Archaeology Master's or PhD degree please refer to our postgraduate information.

Applicants for these degrees must complete and submit a Proposal for Postgraduate Research in Archaeology as part of the application process via eVision.

Enrol only after your admission has been approved by both the Archaeology programme and the Division of Humanities.

Postgraduate studies

Social Anthropology

If you are interested in the study of existing peoples, with a global focus on all kinds of societies and all modes of living, then you may be interested in Social Anthropology.

More about Social Anthropology

Otago Profile

Jessie Garland thumbnail

We're making significant discoveries about what life was like in 19th century Christchurch as we collect artefacts from all kinds of archaeological sites.
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Otago Profile

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“Archaeology is about unlocking the past – it's a huge privilege.”
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Otago Profile

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Charles Radclyffe got hooked on archaeology during a gap year volunteering at excavation sites in the UK and in the Solomon Islands where he was born and grew up.

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