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The Animal Welfare Office’s (AWO) main objective is to assist researchers and students with their use of animal models in research, testing and teaching and to ensure that the treatment and care of all animals used at Otago is aligned to the highest international standards.

Working with Animals

The welfare of research subjects is a key element of successful animal models. All researchers and students working with animals must be aware of their responsibilities and the legal and ethical requirements.

The use of animals is a privilege, not a right.

What is an Animal?

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 (AWA) covers all animals in New Zealand. Its definition of ‘animal’ includes mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish (bony and cartilaginous), octopus, squid, crab, lobster and crayfish.

In accordance with the AWA, the University of Otago promotes the 3Rs:

  • Replace animals with non-sentient or non-living alternatives
  • Reduce numbers to the minimum necessary
  • Refine techniques to minimise harm

For staff and students

Veterinary Support
Drug Control

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