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Distinguished Research Medal Lecture

Professor Parry Guilford

Inaugural Professorial Lectures (IPLs)

When an academic researcher is promoted to the position of Professor (the highest position they can achieve) they present an "overview" lecture of their research work to date. The lectures are open to the public, aimed at a non-scientific audience, and are followed by a social event at which discussion is promoted by the application of food and drink. If you see an advertisement for an IPL, please do come along, we would love to see you.

YouTube, and video-recording in general, have only been available for a relatively few years, so only the most recent lectures are available here.

Professor Tony Merriman

Professor Peter Dearden

Professor Sally McCormick

Professor Parry Guilford

Professor Julian Eaton-Rye

Professor Iain Lamont

Professor Catherine Day

Other lectures

Professor Parry Guilford

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