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The Department of Biochemistry teaches biochemistry, genetics, plant biotechnology, and related subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and carries out research into how life works at the molecular level.

Our staff and students investigate the underpinning mechanisms of life in humans and other animals, plants, and microbes. We aim to enhance the well-being and quality of life of New Zealanders, improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and develop technology in agriculture and other industries.

Students pipetting and laughing in an undergraduate biochemistry lab.


We teach biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology to undergraduate and postgraduate science students, and contribute to professional health science courses such as Medicine and Dentistry.

Undergraduate study

Postgraduate study



The Department has a long tradition of excellent research and innovation. Research interests are wide-ranging, in three broad categories:

Staff and students of the Otago Department of Biochemistry in 2016.

About us

For over 70 years the Department has been contributing high-quality teaching and research to the University of Otago. The Department is part of the School of Biomedical Sciences, within the Otago Division of Health Sciences.

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Resources for school students

Research stories from Otago Biochemistry and other resources for students and teachers, including career advice, 3D molecule models, and how to visit the department.

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