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Friday 13 June 2014 9:04am

Cancer research at CTCR benefited from Audrey Tay's  "Shave to save" fundraiser which culminated with her shaving her hair off on her 20th birthday.

Audrey dropped into the Centre with her big cheque of over $4,500. She met with researchers working in lung cancer, and had a tour of the lab.

The funds she raised will support investigations by Morad-Rèmy Muhsin (PhD candidate). His project is in response to the increased risk of venous thromboembolism (obstruction by blood clots) with chemotherapy, and how coagulation in the blood can enhance cancer progression. Ultimately this study will guide the development and use of anti-coagulant drugs, and find biomarkers to determine which patients will benefit from anti-coagulants.

Audrey and big cheque 644
From left: Fundraiser Audrey Tay, Associate Professor Alex McLellan, Morad-Rèmy Muhsin, Professor Parry Guilford and the big cheque.

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