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Tuesday 15 July 2014 9:08am

A recording from the Winter Lecture Series Cancer: Divide and conquer by Professor Parry Guilford, is now available.

Professor Parry Guilford, Director of CTCR, presented Cancer: Divide and conquer as part of the University of Otago Winter Lecture Series, on both 9 and 10 July 2014, in Wellington and Auckland respectively.

Professor Guilford described how cancer behaves as a disease, and the new genomic technologies that are beginning to transform the treatment of cancer.
Material includes:

  • Cancer is ubiquitous and age-old
  • Causes of cancer
  • What are the differences between cancer cells and normal cells
  • What mechanisms (signalling pathways) enable cancer cells
  • How can a benign growth become cancerous, and invasive, and in what sort of timeframe
  • Why cancer is so hard to beat, but what we know now (tumour clonality)
  • The value of your genetic profile in determining best treatment (personalised medicine)
  • Cancer survivorship trends
  • New directions for treatment; what diagnostic tools and approaches are most promising

This lecture was one of a series of free public lectures to hear leading Otago thinkers.

Cancer: Divide and conquer watch it on YouTube (lecture 35 mins, plus question time of 12 mins)

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Parry Guilford
Professor Parry Guilford

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