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Monday 29 September 2014 2:52pm

Prof Parry Guilford is the director of CTCR, he is also the Chief Scientific Officer for Pacific Edge Ltd and winner of the Beavan Medal for his contribution to Translational Medicine.

The regional paper the Otago Daily Times has printed an interview with Parry - Putting cancer in its place. As is highlighted so well in the article, Parry and his team are working towards improving the outlook for cancer patients, hopefully with a reduction in the unwelcome side effects of many current treatments.

Parry's proudest moment is : 'Contributing to the discovery of the gene for inherited stomach cancer".

The research into inherited stomach cancer, and its importance to sufferers, is highlighted on Native Affairs on Monday 29th at 8.30pm. This programme is repeated on Wednesday 1st October at 10.30pm and can be viewed on demand from the Māori television website from Monday evening.

You can read the full article on the ODT website

Inherited gastric cancer in the news

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Parry Guilford
Prof Parry Guilford - advancing cancer research.

Read Parry's profile to see his awards, achievements and research:

CTCR Director: Parry Guilford

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