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Thursday 28 August 2014 2:02pm

Professor Parry Guilford, Director of CTCR, has received the Beaven Medal, the top HRC medal, for his contribution to translational research.

Professor Guilford's groundbreaking work in hereditary diffuse gastric cancer and the development of the revolutionary bladder cancer diagnostic tool Cxbladder were particularly noted. Professor Guilford credited his team and the close working relationships with patients and clinicians as key to the success of this research.

"I've been lucky enough to work with a lab of great scientists, young and old, and extremely supportive groups of clinicians and patients. This medal is for them all."

The medal was awarded in Queenstown this week at QMB Research week.

"I'm thrilled," he says. "But not half as thrilled as I'll be on the day when I point to a long-term improvement in the survival statistics for the cancers we work on and can say to my lab 'we did that'," he says.

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