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Wednesday 18 January 2023 12:23pm

While most members of the Biochemistry Department have just started back at work or even still enjoying their summer break, Professional Practice Fellow Dr Ben Peters has been super busy planning a week of scientific adventure for a lucky group of high school students visiting the University of Otago.

Every year, hundreds of Year 12 and 13 students visit the University for a week, participating in projects offered by 30 departments and getting a taste of university life in Dunedin.

With the help of demonstrator Emily Shulpen, Ben has been providing some of the students with a taster of life in an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory.

The busy timetable includes activities ranging from making droplet art with pipettes and running DNA and protein gels, through to measuring their own blood glucose levels and using transgenic bacteria to change the colour of tobacco plant leaves.

Students also toured around some of the research laboratories within the department, meeting our department members and learning about their research.

High school students interested in future Hands-on at Otago summer programmes can find out more on the Hands-On at Otago website.








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