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Biochemistry Seminar: Professor Gilles Lambert (Medical School, University of La Réunion, France)

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Department of Biochemistry

Understanding MEKK1 auto-regulation dynamics

Lipoprotein (a) is the single most common genetically-inherited risk factor for cardiovascular disease and calcified aortic valve stenosis. Lp(a) is an LDL sized particle containing a unique signature protein apo(a). Lp(a) presents a highly skewed 1000‐fold concentration range distribution in the population. This huge variability in humans is mostly explained genetically by variations at the LPA locus, encoding apo(a). PCSK9 and APOE known for their central roles in lipoprotein metabolism, have also been shown to substantially modulate Lp(a) plasma concentrations.

Professor Lambert will present the most recent advances into the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in these processes as well as major pathophysiological aspects of the modulation of Lp(a) by PCSK9 and Apolipoprotein E (APOE).

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Department of Biochemistry


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