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Thursday 18 May 2023 1:28pm


Congratulations to all former Biochemistry students graduating this month! Tino pai rawa atu!

The department had an informal graduation event on Saturday morning for graduands and their families, the first we have held in our renovated tearoom. Large glass panelled doors between the tearoom and what used to be the seminar room (now the George Petersen room) were opened up to provide a large area for everyone to gather in and enjoy.

Head of Department Professor Peter Dearden spoke to those gathered, and presented graduands that attended with flowers from the department. Many teaching and academic staff were also able to attend and celebrate. Graduands and their families were then able to make their way outside to take photos in the glorious sunshine around campus before heading to the formal graduation ceremony.

Biochemistry graduands May 2023


Mifra Ameerul Faiz
Mareike Erdmann
Caitlin Harris
Angus Mackay
Conor McGuinness (Genetics)


Aaron Roydhouse
Andrea Danna Camiring (Plant Biotechnology)


Connor Sylvia-Baird
Kadin Hermans (Plant Biotechnology)

BSc (Hons)

Phoebe Allan
Judith Jewell
Samuel John
Jacob Szostak
Caleb Trimble


Samantha Brdanovic
Charlotte Crampton
Emily Crosse
Nancy Ling
Anna Mason
Xavier Yates
Dominic English (Plant Biotechnology)
Maddy Hall (Plant Biotechnology)
Joshua Laing (Plant Biotechnology)


Hanna Jacobs-Grant (Molecular Biotechnology)
Hunter Dickson (Forensic Analytical Science)


Ruby Gummer (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease)
Kai Jiah Chong (Molecular Basis of Health and Disease)
Bertie Purkiss (Reproduction, Genetics and Development)


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