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Genomics Aotearoa is an agile, leading-edge and collaborative platform, established to ensure that New Zealand is internationally participating and leading in the rapidly developing fields of genomics (the study of the genome, the complete set of genetic material present in a cell or organism) and bioinformatics (the development of methods and software tools for understanding the biological data derived from genomics).

Genomics Aotearoa is an alliance of ten partners:

  • Universities - Auckland, Massey, Otago, Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, Waikato
  • Crown Research Institutes - AgResearch, ESR, Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research, Scion

It also has over 30 associates - organisations that are researchers or end users of genomics and bioinformatics.

Visit the Genomics Aotearoa website for more information


Genomics Aotearoa research activities

GA is undertaking a suite of nationally significant research activities supporting New Zealand's economic, environmental and social wellbeing.

It has established national collaborations in health, environment and primary production, and has funded projects across these three key research themes. The projects are underpinned by the development of a national genomics data repository and bioinformatics analytical platform, and by enabling and growing the skills and capability of researchers in New Zealand.

Te Ao Māori is at the centre of these activities, through research undertaken by and for Māori and embedding Māori management of indigenous genomics research practice and data.

Connecting Genomics Aotearoa partners and associates with practitioners and end users - including iwi and community groups, government agencies, District Health Boards and hospitals, breeders and primary producers - will ensure that the new genomics and bioinformatics capabilities and knowledge translate to benefits throughout New Zealand.

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