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PhD theses

When the numbers do not add up: Health research and health disparities in Aotearoa New Zealand
Tumilty, Emma (2017)

How to Think About Enhancement: A Welfarist Approach
Zohny, Hazem (2017)

Deciding for Others: Incompetence, Best Interests and End-of-Life Cases
McAuley, Kathryn (2016)

Ethics as Harmony and Improvisation in Responsive Equilibrium: the Core Psychophysical Process as a bio-logical foundation for ethical engagement
Noel-Bentley, Suzanne (2016)

A journey to the good life: A philosophical inquiry into the bioethical concept of human enhancement
Broom, Stacey (2014)

Caring for autonomous Being: identity addiction and dementia
Bowyer, Lynne (2013)

Beneath the Form of Eternity: Wittgenstein, the Spirit, and Psychosis
Steslow, Kristen Kay (2012)

Rough Ground: Ethics, Ontology and Suffering
Walker, Simon Thomas (2011)

A Post-Structuralist Viewpoint on Evidence-Based Medicine
Walsh, Brian (2011)

Embracing the paradox: Spiritual issues in General Practice
Holmes, Anna (2011)

Parental responses to newborn screening for genetic susceptibility to Type 1 Diabetes
Kerriush, Nikki (2011)


Masters' theses

Depression and the body: an existential-phenomenological analysis of the lived-body in psychiatric diagnosis.
Seniuk, Patrick (2015)

Disclosure or discourse? A critical examination of consent in research using surplus clinical tissue.
Collie, Nicola (2014)

Nature and Nurture: Are we missing a third option?
Johnston, Ebony (2013)

An Adequate Model of Free Will for Cognitive Neuroscience
Liu, Sam (2012)

Reflections on the nature of mental disorder
Thornton, James (2012)

Ought-onomy and African Health Care: beyond the universal claims of autonomy in bioethics
Ujewe, Samue (2012)


Masters' dissertations

Prioritisation, participation and process: legal and bioethical requirements for fair and reasonable allocation of health resources.
Payne, Olivia (2018)

Conceptions of embryo donation: Is New Zealand's regulatory framework fit for purpose?
Wilsdon, Louise (2018)

Compensation for Pregnancy in New Zealand: A Medicolegal Discussion
Bergin, Emily (2017) contact request a pdf copy.

Supported decision-making and dementia
Hyslop, Brent (2017) contact to request a pdf copy.

Permitting the creation of so-called 'three parent embryos' in New Zealand.
Boyce, Caitlin (2016)

'Getting away with Murder?' The Legal and Ethical Implications of Confessions of Undetected Homicide within a Psychologist/Client Relationship.
Freeman, Jane (2016)

Growth attenuation treatments in the New Zealand Context.
Heine, Karen (2016)

Advance Directives, Interests, and the Capacity for Harm.
Ho, Yin Tung (2016)

Considering Mandatory Vaccination in New Zealand: An Ethical and Legal Analysis.
Mapson, Rebekah (2016)

Palliative medicine following the Shipman inquiry. The ongoing ethical and legal debate.
Naguib, Maha (2016)

What role should doctors take in the allocation of health resources in New Zealand?
O'Hara, Liam (2016)

Decisions at the limits of self: decisional capacity, self-determination and the phenomenology of treatment refusal.
Pullon, Claire (2016)

The Use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine by New Zealand Practitioners: Ethical and Legal Aspects.
Rae, Alma (2016)

Using Big-Data for pharmaco-epidemiological research in New Zealand. A consideration of the legal and ethical of transparency, trust and consent.
Style, Rochelle (2016)

I muri i te mate: Tōku tinana, tōku whānau, tōku Māoritanga me te ture. He uiui o ngā whakatapoko o te tikanga Māori te ture o Aotearoa kit e takoha kāpiro. After Death: My Body, my Family, my culture and the law. An investigation of the applications of tikanga Māori and the law of Aotearoa New Zealand in organ donation.
Toeke, Eli (2016)

Prevention is better than Cure – Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy in New Zealand.
Barrett, Calum (2015)

The interests of children, parental autonomy, and decision-making in the use of direct to consumer genetic testing for children.
Mednis, Kristin (2015)

A Time to Die. Does a Right to Die Exist within New Zealand Law?- A Legal and Ethical Examination.
Morrison, Michael (2015)

Dying Well: The ethical and legal issues in administering the Liverpool Care Pathway.
Ooi, Kanny (2015)

A duty to assess competence.
Wadsworth, Lydia (2015)

Professional Conscientious Objection and Referrals in Medicine.
Wong, Rachael (2015)

A Proposal to Promote Safer Access to Methylphenidate for Use in an Academic Setting.
Oldfield, Kerry (2014)

Now She's Like the Others: A study in the gradual recognition of rights of people with disabilities in 20th Century New Zealand leading to the passing of the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988.
Lucas, Kathryn (2014)

(Un)Reasonable Voices? The place of religious, spiritual and cultural voices in ACART's decision-making process
Cleary, Thomas (2013)

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative: Who decides? An Ethical and Legal Analysis
Cotton, Michelle (2013)

How does the concept of Cultural Competence affect the practice of Bioethics and Health Law
Gray, Benjamin (2013)

Genetic Exceptionalism and Privacy Law: Are current protections for privacy of genetic information in New Zealand adequate?
McKinnon, Harriet (2013)

Advance directives and dementia: The changing dynamics between personhood, mental competence and best interests
Muircroft, Wendy (2013)

An evaluation of ethical behaviour through ethically challenging situations in Sports Medicine
Burt, Peter (2012)

Citius, Altius, Fortius: genetic enhancement in the sporting world
Byczkow, Michelle (2012)

Contending for conscience: conscientious objection for medical professionals in New Zealand
Chan, Dennis (2012)

Enacting Discrimination: A Human Rights Defence of Selecting for Deafness
Lucas, Albany (2012)

Setting limits: should society put upper limits on age for older and postmenopausal women undergoing ART?
McCormick, Paula (2012)

The Bloodgate Scandal – what would make two health care professionals act the way they did?
Reeves, Lesley (2012)

Deprivation of liberty safeguards for New Zealand
Nightingale, Susan (2012)

Authority over medical treatment decisions: who's the boss?
O'Donnell, Caitlin (2012)

Is the New Zealand legal framework relating to the making of healthcare decisions on behalf of mentally incapacitated older persons adequate?
Reuvecamp, Iris (2012)

The New Zealand's Statutory Compensation Scheme for Treatment Injuries: a critical analysis of its ethical premises
Skaler, Tatyana (Tanya) (2012)

Physiotherapy Ethics, Law and Children. Paediatric Physiotherapy and Professional Guidance: opportunities for development
Radovanovich, Jessica (2011)

Not just a little prick! Children's rights in the context of newborn screening
Fancourt, Nicholas (2010)

To treat or not to treat: legal and ethical issues in the compulsory treatment of anorexia
McKinney, Cushla (2010)

Consent for anaesthetic services in labour: ethical and legal considerations
Walker, Heidi (2010)


MMedSc theses


BMedSc(Hons) theses

Dementia and Identity: Investigating the Neurophysiology of Valuing.
Barron, Alex (2016)

Mapping inter-professional perspectives on an ethically challenging paediatric case.
Reyneke, Marizanne (2016)

Caesarean Delivery on Maternal Request.
Dwight, Emily (2015)

The Minimally Conscious State: A Snapshot: An introduction to the state, and its current management in clinical practice
Corbett, Jared (2014)

Suffering and the Dimensionality of Medical Knowledge. A Critique of Evidence Based Medicine
McHugh, Hugh Marshall (2014)

Just Prenatal Testing? The science, ethics and policy of testing for Down syndrome
Cole, Robert (2013)

Allocation and Ageism in Aotearoa: An exploration of the ethical justification for age-based healthcare rationing
Lambie, Deborah (2013)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: from clinic to eugenic fears and disability concerns
Anderson, Hamish (2012)

Induced pluripotent stem cells: an alternative to embryonic stem cells?
Bridge, Sophie (2011)

Moral psychology, autonomy, and end of life decisions
Chamberlain, Josh (2011)

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