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These bioethics papers are included in the minor in Bioethics, and can also be added to enhance a wide range of degrees and other qualifications:

BITC 201 Bioethics and the Life Sciences

BITC 201 Bioethics and the Life Sciences engages in ethical analysis of the life sciences and resulting technologies, and how to responsibly conduct bioscientific research.

BITC 202 Animal Ethics

BITC 202 Animal Ethics provides an introduction to ethical theories as they apply to non-human animals and applied ethical questions arising from animal use in a range of contexts.

BITC 301 Bioethics

BITC 301 Bioethics explores a wide range of bioethical topics from the beginning of life to the end of life, and from patient-physician relationships to global matters.

PHIL 235 Environmental Philosophy

PHIL 235 Environmental Philosophy is jointly taught by staff from the Bioethics Centre and the Philosophy Programme. It provides an introduction to environmental ethics and other philosophical issues affecting environmental science and policy-making – some of the greatest challenges and opportunities that we presently face.

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