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Sarah Diermeier thumbanil

28 Nov 2023

Otago part of national research platform

The University of Otago is a key member of a newly developed research platform d...

Centre for Neuroendocrinology team 2023 thumbnail

21 Nov 2023

Celebrating 20 years of Neuroendocrinology Centre

The Centre for Neuroendocrinology (CNE) will be hosting a 20th Anniversary Sympo...

Isaac Heron thumbnail

08 Nov 2023

Rhodes Scholarship for excellence, leadership and commitment to community

Huge congratulations to Otago graduate Isaac Heron who has been awarded a Rhodes...

Many extracted teeth partially buried in sandy dirt image

06 Nov 2023

Discarded teeth offer insight into Victorian-era New Zealand

Four years ago, hundreds of teeth from a past era were uncovered on an Invercarg...

Sian Halcrow thumbnail

30 Oct 2023

Otago academic elected to TEU Committee

Professor Siân Halcrow, from the Department of Anatomy, has been elected as Te T...

Royal Society Fellowships collage thumbnail

30 Oct 2023

Otago researchers receive Fellowships

The impact of housing on mental health and how hormones regulate parents’ behavi...

Early career researchers award winners collage thumbnail

26 Oct 2023

Early career researchers committed to making a difference

Areas ranging from pain management to the rise of pseudolaw are the focus for th...

man in a lab

24 Oct 2023

Otago alumnus Professor Chris Greening awarded prestigious Australian Prime Minister’s Science Prize

Warmest congratulations to Otago alumnus and Monash University Professor Chris G...

Photograph of a brushtail possum, a marsupial with grey-brown fur, pointed ears and a pointed pink nose with whiskers

18 Oct 2023

Critical step made for managing brushtail possums

Researchers say mapping the genetic code of the brushtail possum will benefit th...

Professor Rebecca Campbell, Professor Greg Anderson and Dr Mike Garratt thumbnail

16 Oct 2023

Research on female fertility receives grant from global consortium

Menopause is often described as puberty’s evil older sister, but can reproductiv...

Jemma Geoghegan lab thumbnail

11 Oct 2023

World-leading virus hunter Professor Jemma Geoghegan honoured

It has been quite the journey these past few months for Otago Professor Jemma Ge...

Professor Sally McCormick Dr Timothy Prickett thumbnail

29 Sep 2023

$1.1m for Otago researchers

Otago researchers will be getting to the heart of one of New Zealand’s biggest h...

Centre for Neuroendocrinology team thumbnail

29 Sep 2023

Centre for Neuroendocrinology wins Otago Research Group Award

Te Pokapū Mātai Taiāki Iaia, the Centre for Neuroendocrinology (CNE), believes t...

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman image

19 Sep 2023

Otago researchers rewarded for excellence

The breadth and strengths of University of Otago research is evident in this yea...

Karla in her lab thumbnail 1 nw

29 Aug 2023

From Chile to New Zealand and beyond, doing science from a wheelchair

Originally from Chile, Karla Araya-Castro is a biotechnologist and visiting post...

Mummification thumbnail nw

22 Aug 2023

Mummification practice of ancient populations latest focus of Otago bioarchaeologist

Professor Siân Halcrow’s work has taken her to some of the most significant arch...

Professor Louise Parr-Brownlie appointed Departmental Science Advisor to MBIE thumbnail nw

18 Aug 2023

Professor Louise Parr-Brownlie appointed Departmental Science Advisor to MBIE

Highly regarded University of Otago researcher, senior leader and wahine toa Pro...

PhD graduand Ravneel Chand

16 Aug 2023

Possum contraceptive to protect the environment

PhD graduand Ravneel Chand caps off his postdoctoral studies this weekend, havin...

A hall with multiple boards displaying posters that are being viewed by people strolling through.

15 Aug 2023

Celebrating excellence at the 2023 School of Biomedical Sciences Postgraduate Symposium

A large and appreciative audience attended this year’s symposium which was held...

Alex Tups 2023 image

08 Aug 2023

Laboratory research finds gluten caused brain inflammation

In what is believed to be a world first discovery, University of Otago researche...

Jemma Geoghegan image

07 Aug 2023

New prestigious role for Professor Jemma Geoghegan

After a global search, Professor Jemma Geoghegan has been appointed the Webster...

ELORP thumbnail nw

04 Aug 2023

Tauira flourish in by-Pacific, for-Pacific research initiative

Three Pacific tauira traded rest for research as they embarked on their biomedic...

Close up of Clocktower clock angled from below.

25 Jul 2023

How to be very 'cool' – funding available to help buy new ultra-low freezers

At a recent research forum, the Biomedical Sciences Sustainability Group heard a...


06 Jul 2023

Funding boost to find out how colour protects sea stars from heat and UV

Dr Nathan Kenny and his collaborators have been awarded a Catalyst Seeding grant...


06 Jul 2023

HRC funding success to develop new tuberculosis treatment

Congratulations to Otago Biochemist Professor Kurt Krause and his team of resear...

Sci expo bananas_650

04 Jul 2023

2023 International Science Festival Expo Weekend

As part of the International Science Festival, the University of Otago puts on a...

14 Jun 2023

Off-Campus: Tramping to save lives

There’s a special sense of solidarity that comes with being part of a team that...

Diermeier lab scholarships_650

07 Jun 2023

Diermeier Lab students awarded Māori and Neurological Foundation scholarships

Congratulations to Kiri Burich and Amy Bennie - students of the Diermeier Lab wh...


25 May 2023

HRC grant awarded to use viral proteins to fight bacteria

The Health Research Council have just funded a team of Otago Biochemistry resear...

Jaydee Cabral image

24 May 2023

3D bioprinting research set to revolutionise breast reconstruction

Innovative Otago research could help reconstruct breast tissue that cancer patie...

Saane Fakapulia image

19 May 2023

Saane Fakapulia awarded Well-Being prize for research on Pasifika Anatomy students’ experiences

Saane Fakapulia, a Master of Science (Anatomy), student has been awarded the 202...


18 May 2023

May graduation celebrations

Congratulations to all former Biochemistry students graduating this month! Tino...

11 May 2023

Annual Otago Biochemistry academic awards and scholarships announced

The Otago Department of Biochemistry is proud to announce the winners of the ann...

11 May 2023

Relationship with orchard anticipated to bear fruit

A group of about 15 Otago Biochemistry Department members and associates venture...

Stephanie Hughes surrounded by members of her research team image

28 Apr 2023

Treatment for a rare genetic disease leads to professorial promotion

Congratulations to Otago Biochemistry's Stephanie Hughes who has been promoted t...

Clocktower thumbnail

19 Apr 2023

Lawrence cemetery project draws to a close

The remains of 34 unknown early settlers, who have helped further shape the pict...

06 Apr 2023

Significant step in fight against drug resistance in TB

University of Otago researchers have discovered new ways to treat antibiotic-res...

Josh Scadden teaches chromatography

04 Apr 2023

Molecular magic at Science Wānanga

‘Tuia i Hawaiki, tuia i te Uru - Science Wānanga’ was held at the Araiteuru Mara...

28 Mar 2023

Dr Andrew Bagshaw’s final legacy - a breakthrough discovery in the field of DNA research

The late Dr Andrew Bagshaw has had his final scientific research paper published...

06 Mar 2023

News Archive

Read news stories from the University of Otago School of Biomedical Sciences. Th...

Sian Halcrow image

28 Feb 2023

Professor Siân Halcrow wins Fulbright for research on legacy skeletal collections

Otago Professor Siân Halcrow is both humbled and excited to win a Fulbright New...

Peter Dearden HOD_650

15 Feb 2023

Genetics, embryos and an axolotl called Sir Axolot: Meet Otago Biochemistry’s new HOD

Professor Peter Dearden started his new job as head of the Department of Biochem...


18 Jan 2023

High School students explore biochemistry during Hands-On at Otago

Dr Ben Peters has been providing visiting high school students with a taster of...

21 Dec 2022

Record graduation numbers for COVID cohort

Congratulations to all former biochemistry students graduating this month! Tino...

Gemma McLaughlin_650

16 Dec 2022

Graduate battles wasps and more to gain PhD

Along with nine other graduands from the Department of Biochemistry, Gemma McLau...

Diermeier group and graduates_650

16 Dec 2022

The Diermeier Lab has three PhDs graduating this week!

Dr Sarah Diermeier leads a highly successful group in the Department of Biochemi...


16 Dec 2022

Otago Biochemistry End-of-Year Shindig 2022

Scientists, students and professional staff flocked to Biochemistry’s BIG13 (gro...

Jamie Kok image

16 Dec 2022

PhD graduate Jamie Kok on using seaweed to fight skin disease

Could seaweed be a part of the next treatment for eczema?...


12 Dec 2022

2022 BMS Staff End of Year Function and Awards

Staff from across the School of Biomedical Sciences gathered last week to celebr...

Hallie Michael banner

29 Nov 2022

Two more prestigious awards for Otago researchers

Two of the University of Otago’s leading researchers have been honoured for thei...

Peter Mace_tn

24 Nov 2022

Valued Otago biochemist awarded Carl Smith Medal for outstanding research

Associate Professor Peter Mace was officially presented with the University’s Ca...

Matthias Fellner_650

15 Nov 2022

Bacterial biofilm therapeutics project wins Marsden Fund support

A project investigating new ways to fight deadly bacterial biofilms has won a Ma...

Photo of a young man standing in front of two screens with a group of people seated watching him.

14 Nov 2022

2022 MSc Research Presentations

In a series of four lunchtime sessions held over the past few weeks, Otago Bioch...

Sakiusa Baleivanualala image

08 Nov 2022

Members of Microbiology (final edition): Meet Sakiusa Baleivanualala

Over the course of 2022, the Department of Microbiology and Immunology has been...

Marsden grant image 3

04 Nov 2022

Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund grant recipients for 2022

Twenty-four Otago academics were recently announced as successful in their bid f...

02 Nov 2022

Upcoming Events

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Martin Chalfie image.jpg

27 Oct 2022

Nobel prize winner Professor Martin Chalfie's upcoming Eccles Lecture

Nobel prize winner, Professor Martin Chalfie, will be presenting this year's Ecc...

Four students and their professor stand lined up in front of an old iron fence and a castle-like stone school building on a blue-sky clear winter day

26 Oct 2022

Undergrad students inspire future biochemists at high schools

It is not an easy thing to keep a class of high school students quiet and attent...

Mik Black 2021_650

18 Oct 2022

Promotion to Professor for statistical genomics specialist

Congratulations to our own Michael Black who this year was promoted to Professor...

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