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You can study for a variety of postgraduate qualifications (Honours, PGDipSci, MSc, PhD) in Botany. Each of these degrees focuses on a different balance between course work and research and requires different levels of research experience. More information on the structure of each degree program is available.

This page provides an overview of the types of research projects you can undertake in Botany. In Botany our research spans a continuum from Plant Function Biology to Ecology that includes four main research areas:

New Zealand flora and evolution

Understanding the New Zealand flora, documenting and classifying diversity (taxonomy) and discovering evolutionary history (phylogenetic systematics, evolutionary processes).

Ecosystem processes and services

Understanding ecosystem processes and the services that ecosystems provide.

Environmental change and resilience

Addressing problems associated with life in the Anthropocene such as the effects of changing climatic conditions, ocean acidification, and the impacts of invasive organisms on flora.

Physiological processes

Understanding how photosynthetic organisms function, from the molecular and cellular level to the whole-organism level.

Please visit the profiles of the individual members of academic staff to find out more about their research and current opportunities.

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