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Offer an internship or summer work programme

What is an internship?

Offering summer work or an internship is a great way to meet and recruit prospective employees – students are always keen to obtain relevant work experience. For both the employer and employee, it’s a great way to ‘size each other up’.

An internship usually takes place during holiday periods, or during semester-time alongside studies. It is a fixed term, structured work experience programme, which can be paid or unpaid. Internships are related to a student’s career plans, or course of study, and, as an employer, you would be expected to mentor interns, supervising them and providing feedback on work performance.

Internship opportunities at Otago

  • The Otago Business School coordinates six month to one-year placements in its internships programme for undergraduate students 
  • The Division of Health Sciences offers a number of summer internships, as well as commercialisation and innovation opportunities
  • The Department of Tourism offers student exchange and internship opportunities for undergraduate students
  • The Centre for Sustainability offers bursary and internship opportunities – get in touch if you are an employer in the Food, Energy or Agriculture industries and would like to offer an internship
  • The Department of Applied Sciences offers vacancies and internship opportunities – please get in touch if you are an employer interested in offering an internship
  • The Division of Humanities is keen to connect with industry in order to offer internships and summer work programmes to Humanities students – please get in touch if you are an employer in the creative and performing arts, law, humanities, and the social sciences

Advertise internships on our careers database: Otago Career Hub

Visit CareerHub and create an employer account to advertise your internships.

Are you a local Dunedin business interested in offering an internship?

Visit JobDUN – the Dunedin Business Internship programme.

JobDUN supports businesses to attract skilled and talented interns to grow exceptional Dunedin companies. JobDUN is a proven way for Dunedin businesses to save time finding talented students.

How does offering an internship or summer work programme your business?

Taking on an intern gives you the chance to:

  • Access talented undergraduates, who are motivated to work in your industry
  • Test the viability of a position within your organisation
  • Assess the suitability of an intern for full-time employment after graduation
  • Use your current recruitment processes and gain access to a range of intern applicants
  • Engage with the intern to complete a short-term project
  • Connect with young, enthusiastic and tech-savvy individuals, with a fresh perspective
  • Strengthen the relationship between your business and the University of Otago – with students and staff

Need more information?

Please contact the Career Development Centre, if you would like more information about offering an internship to an Otago student.


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