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Psychometric tests can take a variety of forms. Some of the more common tests are verbal, numerical and diagrammatic. This site allows you to try some example questions for each of these skills, or choose to look at what a personality questionnaire would involve.

Check out the SHL "Practice Tests"

Assessment Centres

Assessment or Selection Centres consist of a series of tasks and activities that are structured around a one or two day period to assess your suitability for a job. The exercises are likely to be designed around the job competencies. With this in mind, as with interviews, good preparation is vital.

Please download our Career Fact Sheet for more information on Assessment Centres.

Psychometric testing assessment resources

Visit the following psychometric tests/assessment centre websites, for more details about career assessment.

  • provides everything you need to know about assessments plus free timed practice tests
  • contains numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning psychometric practice tests
  • provides guides for university students in dealing with practice tests including numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning, and in-tray exercises
  • Opra Consulting Group provides tips on preparation and practice tests for: ability assessment, critical reasoning and personality questionnaire
  • Graduate Opportunities gives advice on psychometric testing and assessment centres
  • Prospect's: Interview tests and exercises covers psychometric tests, assessment centres, presentations, group activities, case studies etc.
  • Institute of Psychometric Coaching tells you which psychometric tests are most common for your industry and take a course to prepare (fees apply)

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