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What kind of room will I have?

One of the unique features of our College is that we have a mix of residential blocks and historic houses – our rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be quite fun exploring the 'Flouses' (floors/houses) as you meet new people – there are some quirky surprises behind some of our doors!

How much will it cost?

Our fees are set annually by the University and are the same in all University-owned Colleges. You can find more information about fees here.

What should I bring with me?

All bedrooms are fully equipped with everything you need to get started: wardrobe, desk, mirror, study lamp, study chair, single inner sprung mattress and base, mattress protector, pillow, pillow protector, duvet, duvet cover, sheets and pillowcase, extra blankets, heating, and multi-power box.

We do not provide towels, bath mats or coat hangers. All electrical gear brought into the College needs to be certified as safe; please keep an eye out for our electrical certification opportunities during Orientation.

When do I send my application?

The application process is managed by the Student Accommodation Centre. Information about the process, including deadlines, can be found here.

What should I do when I first get to Carrington?

We will have signs to direct you to our welcome desk in Linton House, and friendly staff on hand to answer your questions and show you to your room.

How far is Carrington from the University?

It takes about five minutes to walk from Carrington to the University campus on foot. We're also only minutes from Dunedin's main shopping area, George Street.

What is the food like?

The University's in-house central catering team develops menus of fresh, nutritional meals for all University-owned colleges. Special dietary issues are well-supported – when you arrive, please have a chat to our Executive Chef.

Where are the sports grounds and tracks?

Two major athletic fields are minutes from home. Moana indoor Olympic Pool is just minutes' walk away.

Will I be allowed to have visitors?

Absolutely! This is your home, and we are happy for you to have guests, provided you adhere to our policies and procedures (which can be found in your Resident Handbook). Please note, there are certain times of the year when overnight guests are not permitted to stay, including Orientation week, the first week of second semester, and during exams. When you arrive, you will be given a hard copy of our no-guest dates.

How will I find out about lectures?

eVision and Blackboard will provide lots of course information to guide you, as will the University of Otago app.  Don't worry – everyone around you will be in the same situation, and you will help each other to figure out what you need to know. Our Sub-Wardens will also be available to help you navigate!

Will I be safe and secure?

Personal safety is everyone's responsibility – we all have a role to play in keeping our community safe. Our buildings are accessed via tracked key entry, our grounds are outfitted with surveillance cameras and staff (Sub-Wardens and Security) have rostered night duties from 5 pm on weekdays, and around-the-clock on weekends. There is always someone available to help!

Can residents swap rooms?

Rooms are allocated by Senior Management and may not be changed without their approval. There is a room change request form which can be completed (please see Reception), but this is not a guarantee that the request will be granted; room changes are permitted in extremely rare circumstances, and may involve additional fees.

Is there temporary off-street parking?

Yes. We have 4 "visitor parks" at the bottom of our main drive which can be used for short periods.

What happens if I get sick?

If you are unwell, always inform a Sub-Warden, Senior Management, your cleaner, or a friend so we can provide you with the appropriate assistance. This can include academic support, arranging meals to be brought to your room, transport to see a medical professional, check-ins, and emergency assistance. For more information, please read your Resident Handbook.

Who can help me with financial questions around accommodation fees?

Contact our Administrator on +64 3 479 5533

What happens if I miss a lab or assignment?

The Deputy Warden is able to provide advice for all academic matters. Sub-Wardens can also help.

I have severe asthma. Does the College supply low-allergy duvets?

We do have some low-allergy bedding available. Please ensure your medical details are entered correctly in the student portal (Te Puna) and ring Reception (+64 3 479 5533) in January to register your interest in low-allergy bedding. Please note, some students elect to bring their own bedding (whether for allergy-related purposes or not) and you are welcome to do this; it is your responsibility to launder any bedding not provided by the College.

Is there extra bedding available such as blankets/pillows?

Yes. Just ask your Sub-Warden or cleaner.

Are there car parks and bike storage areas available for resident use?

We do not offer car parks, but we have several bike storage areas. When you arrive at the College, let us know you have a bike and we can give you access to the bike shed.

What does Alcohol-Free rooming mean?

Some students opt to have their sleeping space in an alcohol-free environment. There is an expectation and understanding that residents in this space will:

  • Abstain from consuming and possessing alcohol in the designated area (you may consume alcohol elsewhere)
  • Return to the Flouse in a quiet manner if alcohol has been consumed elsewhere
  • Assist in holding others accountable to maintain this environment
  • Take responsibility for any personal guests visiting the Flouse (as we expect in all areas).

All Carrington residents are asked to respect this living arrangement.

Is there an expected time to be home in the College at night?

As a resident, you are free to come and go as you please. If you plan to be away from College – even if just for a night – please log into Te Puna (the student portal) to record when you will be away. (Your Sub-Warden can show you how to do this if you have trouble.) This information will only be used in the event of an emergency.

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