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Carrington is fortunate to offer a boutique cardio gym on site. The gym is equipped with a treadmill, rowing machine, cross-trainer, exercycle and a few light weights. Swiss balls and exercise mats are also available.

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Tennis Court

In the centre of our College we have an all-weather Astroturf facility which is fantastic for recreation. Be sure to make use of the equipment we have on offer, including tennis rackets, basketballs, soccer and rugby balls and a cricket set!

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Linton Pool Room

Our pool room is a hive of activity throughout the day, as residents gather to blow off some steam between classes, study and meals!

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Dining Room

Our Dining Room is open daily between 7am and 11pm. Outside of meal times, it's used for a variety of purposes, including musical jams, D&B Night and quiz nights. We also feature sporting events on the big screen! Students are welcome to study in the Dining Room throughout the day, and many pop in between meals for some toast, fresh fruit, or a hot beverage.

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Linton Lounge

The Linton Lounge is used for a variety of purposes, including movie nights, music practice, board games, socialising and study. This is a flexible space for everyday use by our residents!

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Stuart Lounge

Located in Stuart House, the Stuart Lounge is our largest common room and is available for use by all residents. With a wonderful outlook onto a woodland outdoor area, this lounge has a full kitchen (including a dishwasher!) and is one of the locations for our weekly baking club. The lounge also has a large flat screen TV, comfy couches, foosball table, wine barrel arcade (with over 2,000 games!) and a mezzanine level with a table tennis table.

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Jenkins Lounge

The Jenkins Lounge is Carrington's second 'TV room'. Located on the ground floor of Jenkins, it's an excellent place to hang out and relax.

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Music room

Located below the Study Centre, Carrington's newly established music room features an electronic drum kit, keyboard, box drum, electric and acoustic guitars and ukuleles.

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