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New Tenant

September 2015

The Lab cafe provides a welcoming retreat on the ground floor of the CFI building.  Come along and enjoy some excellent coffee and a few sweet treats and chill out in the relaxed atmosphere.  This latest addition to our building has given a nice vibe to the space with music, good coffee and chatter aplenty!

July 2015
CFI is pleased to announce 1000Minds – when good decisions matter, joins the tenants on the ground floor of CFI. From research beginnings in the late 1990s Paul Hansen and Franz Ombler established 1000Minds Ltd as a company in 2003.

1000Minds was quickly acknowledged as an exciting new approach to Multi-Criteria Decision-Making; and Conjoint Analysis.

The company is based in Dunedin and Wellington, New Zealand and works with users all over the world.

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