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Our lab has experience and expertise in the following areas

  • Whole genome bisulphite sequencing (RRBS): Maps DNA methylation of the whole genome (virtually all CpG sites) at single-nucleotide resolution
  • Reduced representation bisulphite sequencing (RRBS): A genome-wide sequencing technique that specifically enriches genomic regions with a high density of potential methylation sites and enables investigation of DNA methylation at single-nucleotide resolution
  • RNA-Seq: To quantify gene expression and determine differential expression
  • MicroRNA analysis (miRNA): using NanoString, NGS, and microarray platforms
  • Methylation-specific PCR, Sequenom, and MiSeq amplicon sequencing: To distinguish methylation differences at single gene (or allele) level
  • Computational tools (including some of our own development): DMAP, Fastqc, Bismark, BSMAP, SeqMonk, methylKit, BiSeq, R, IGV, Taxedo package, Dexus, Unix, and Linux script to process NGS data, and scan_tcga tools
  • Molecular biology: Various cellular assays, gene knockdown, cell culture, patient sample processing, cloning, and circulating tumour cell isolation from blood
  • Genome/epigenome editing (CRISPR)
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