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COVID-19 research is vital. Can you help?

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CANTATA is a new study to develop tests to detect antibodies in the body produced in response to exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Once developed, these tests will identify those who may be immune and less likely to infect others.

This is important as a large number of people display no symptoms of COVID-19, but may spread the virus to more vulnerable people, such as the elderly.

A major step in governmental and health monitoring control of the COVID-19 pandemic will be based on quality knowledge of community based immunity. This needs to be achieved by reliable laboratory tests to detect the presence, amount, and activity of antibodies in blood and saliva.

Anyone aged 18 or over who lives in Auckland, Canterbury or Otago, New Zealand, including those entering via quarantine/isolation facilities (MIQ) and staff working at the borders or in health facilities are invited to take part in this study.

If you agree to take part you will be asked to sign a consent form and complete a health questionnaire.

The Research Team will arrange with you a time and place to collect a blood and saliva sample when you have completed any quarantine requirements. This may be at a research clinic, a hospital or at your residence.

The tests are being developed by a collaboration of University of Otago scientists, Canterbury and Southern District Health Board clinicians and New Zealand based commercial laboratories supporting medical research.

For an information sheet, consent form and health questionnaire, please contact:

Tel +64 3 364 1063
or text 021 08 36 7936

Lorraine Skelton
Clinical Research Manager, Christchurch Heart Institute
Tel +64 3 364 1063

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