Cardiovascular disease causes 30% of  all early deaths in New Zealand

Model of Heart CHI 2017 (2)The Christchurch Heart Institute is working to reduce this through:

The Christchurch Heart Institute employs 35–40 experts in cardiology, genetics, biochemistry and physiology.

It is the only integrated 'bench to bedside to community' cardiovascular research group in New Zealand. Our research focuses on:

  • Discovering and implementing new blood tests for heart disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Developing new methods for treating heart failure and improving outcomes
  • Understanding the genetics of heart disease to help explain why heart disease runs in families


Our research is supported through:

  • Research grants
  • A Programme Grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand
  • Project Grants from the Heart Foundation and Lotteries Health

Research recruitment

Take part in current research studies:

  • Heart Health in Diabetes
  • Covid-19 antibodies
  • new CT scans for suspected heart attack

Check out our current projects

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