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The University of Otago BSc Chemistry undergraduate programme develops transferable life skills, including:

  • Specific knowledge and skills for a future in chemistry
  • Awareness of the ethical, social and cultural dimensions of the study of chemistry
  • Problem solving
  • Effective communication skills
  • Time management
  • Working independently and in teams

More information on the Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Graduate attributes

The University of Otago BSc Chemistry programme aims to develop:

Skills that are transferable to a variety of pursuits in life, including not only the specific knowledge and skills that will equip students for a future in chemistry, and an awareness of the ethical, social and cultural dimensions of the study of chemistry, but also the ability to solve problems, to communicate effectively in writing and in speech, to manage their time effectively and to work successfully independently and in teams.

Bachelor of Science Chemistry graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the basic principles of Chemistry, and the ability to acquire new knowledge.
  • Awareness of the contribution of research to the development of the discipline of Chemistry, the limits of current knowledge and that all knowledge is contestable.
  • Understanding of the place of Chemistry as an enabling science and its relationship to other scientific and social disciplines.
  • Awareness and understanding of the ethical, social and regulatory implications and obligations of Chemistry.
  • An ability to work successfully both independently and as part of a group of peers, and with support and technical staff within the department.
  • Personal skills in written and oral communication; time management, critical thinking and analysis, problem solving and decision making, gathering and presenting information, imagination, openness, curiosity and creativity.
  • Skills important for research in Chemistry, including not only the practical skills required for effective and safe activity in the laboratory environment, but also familiarity with electronic information systems, databases and appropriate computer applications.
  • A Chemistry degree also contributes to the development of University of Otago Graduate Attributes.

See the University of Otago Teaching and Learning Action Plan (PDF format, 3MB)

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